Support for all our extensions is absolutely free during license period (180 days). If you have any issues with one of our extensions, got an idea or pre-sales questions, feel free to contact us via email: You may also use our support forum for the same purposes.

Don't forget to include error messages (if any) or screenshots with them in your support request or forum post.

NOTE: We DO NOT accept videos in support requests. This is the worst possible way to describe an issue. Send ONLY plain text or screenshots.


All our extensions, purchased on our site or any other software market are subjects of the following limitations:

  • Outdated versions of our extensions are not supported at all. You need to update purchased extension to the latest version before contacting support.
  • Free support excludes installation, setup, CSS incompatibilities or any kind of customizations. If you want our help on one of these matters, you can always order a paid service (see below).
  • VQMod (XML) files, which contain modifications for templates are guaranteed to work with default template and any others, which follow its structure. For other templates you will have to adjust VQMod file by yourself or use our paid service.
  • We guarantee, that all our extensions will work in standard environment. However it is possible, that some compatibility issues with 3rd party extensions may occur. We do not and absolutely can not provide free support for such issues. They are always considered as customization and should be paid on regular basis.
  • Support for free extensions is limited. You can always send us a bug report, but we can not guarantee a reply or timely bug fix.

Third party extensions support

Some of our extensions communicate with 3rd party software like Kunena, K2, JomSocial etc. to display avatars or any other user data. We provide support only for latest versions of supported 3rd party software. If you're having any issues with displaying external data in one of our extensions, you need to upgrade 3rd party software to the latest version before contacting us.

Paid Services

Apart from free support we offer paid services: installation, setup or any kind of customization. Minimum price of any service is 10 EUR. If you're not able to install or setup any extension or require customization, contact us via email:

All paid services provided only after full payment and are non-refundable. Negotiated price is always final and will not change, even if we spend more or less time with your task.


If you use one of our free extensions and want to make a donation as a token of gratitude, you can easily do this by sending any amount via PayPal. Just use our email to send money and enter extension's name in transaction comment.

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