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Product Bundles Pro is the most solid and feature rich solution for selling product bundles (combos). Combining products in bundles for more discount became a standard nowadays. Customers can’t resist the purchase of a couple pair of shoes for the price of one.

modules, opencart, products

Unofficial OpenCart extension for ShippingEasy service created from official extension, but greatly improved and now support OpenCart versions from 2.0 to the latest. More options, less bugs, and still helps you automate your shipping routine across all major carriers!

modules, opencart, shipping

By default OpenCart doesn't have filters for categories, which makes it difficult to find a desired category, when you have hundreds or even thousands of them. This little extension adds filters to Categories page in back-end, making your life a little easier.

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Allows you to set fee or discount for particular customer (personal fee or discount). You may set a fee in percent to one customer and discount in fixed value for another. You can also limit number or orders to apply fee or discount to, as well as tweak many other options.

opencart, customers, totals

A huge improvement to default Coupons extension with tons of new options. Limit your coupons to manufacturers, customers, customer groups, stores and geo zones, disable or recalculate discount for products with specials, set discount cap and much, much more.

opencart, marketing

Combines all parameter based shipping methods (flat, weight, total, postcode etc), can be used as one and only shipping method. Very well-thought interface with lots of options for each shipping method provide you with unmatched flexibility of shipping setup.

opencart, shipping

A collection of SEO related extensions, which add multilingual support to different parts of your store and provide other SEO functionality. Package also includes the best XML sitemap generator for OpenCart market and main Smart SEO extension.

opencart, seo

Order Manager is a HUGE improvement to your dashboard. It adds a stand alone module, which displays orders list with additional columns, buttons and actions. It allows you to manage orders right from the dashboard without going anywhere else!

opencart, orders

Allows you to set infinite number of email and SMS reminders, with different order statuses, optional history changes, comments and full multilingual support. A must have extension, if you want to keep your customers at bay without spending too much time on it.

opencart, marketing

Gives you full control over sitemap, allows to select different elements (products, categories etc), set their change frequency, priority and much more. Supports multiple languages, images and unlimited number of products. Tested on 100.000+ products.

opencart, seo

With Smart SEO you can improve you store's SEO, while having very little knowledge about. It will automatically generate SEF URLs and tiles, descriptions, meta data and tags, supports multiple languages and fixes a lot of minor SEO issues in OpenCart engine.

opencart, seo

Allows you to set fee or discount for every customer group available. You may set a fee in percent to one group and discount in fixed value for another. You can also automatically move customers between groups, when their orders match (or don't) given criteria.

opencart, customers, totals

With this extension you'll be able to set fee or discount to all manufacturers separately. You may set a fee in percent to one manufacturer and discount in fixed value to another and they'll be applied accordingly and displayed as multiple order totals.

opencart, totals, manufacturers

Allows you to quickly and painlessly combine two or more orders from the same or from different customers. Just check the desired orders, click Combine button and all the selected orders will be merged into one, keeping all possible data (products, coupons, vouchers etc).

opencart, orders

Allows you to split an order into two by selected products and their quantity. Just open the order, enter quantity for desired products and click Split button. New order will be created and base order edited, keeping all possible data (products, coupons, vouchers etc).

opencart, orders

Adds Birth Date field to all forms and a new total on checkout page with birthday discount. This is a fully automated modification with a lot of options to satisfy your needs. You don't have to do anything manually, even inform your customers about birthday discounts!

opencart, customers, totals

With this extension you'll be able to set fee or discount to all payment methods available. You may set a fee in percent to one method and discount in fixed value for another one and they'll be applied accordingly.

opencart, totals, payment

With this extension you'll be able to set fee or discount to all shipping methods available. You may set a fee in percent to one method and discount in fixed value for another one and they'll be applied accordingly.

opencart, totals, shipping

This is a simple tracking extension, which allows you to add tracking info (carrier, tracking ID and tracking link) to any order. Customers will be able to track their orders by clinking the link from order history or update email. And it's really simple!

modules, opencart

Allows you to choose shipping and payment methods for each product separately or to several products at once. Strictly follows the rules and filters shipping and payment methods for all products in the cart. Perfectly fits any template.

opencart, payment, shipping

Allows you to set product maximum quantity and complete product quantity range for better stock control. Works absolutely similar to Minimum Quantity option, displays similar error messages at the same places and can be set right from the product editing page.

opencart, products

Assigns a unique reference ID (8-digit code) to all your customers and lets them share it to get a discount. Both referred customer and referrer can get a discount, when given criteria matched. A lot of options make Reference Program a very flexible solution to suit all your needs.

opencart, customers, totals

Adds full preordering functionality to your store. You customers will be able to preorder out-of-stock products, and even pay for them (whole amount or defined deposit). True Preorder can also automatically restock your products and notify customers about it.

opencart, orders, totals

Adds highly customizable banning system to your store. You will be able to set ban rules for pesky customers: block names, emails like, restrict addresses etc. Very easy to use, no special knowledge required, but some regex skills will be a plus.

opencart, customers

Turns default simple country and zone lists into powerful tool with full multilingual support and filtering, which allow you to quickly find desired country or zone. With this extension can easily assign and display country and zone names in different languages.

opencart, localisation

Automatically creates and randomizes product specials for you ("product of the day"). Just select products, setup start and end dates, enter discount value and update period. Your specials will be randomly displayed and updated accordingly.

opencart, products

With this extension you'll be able to set extra fee or discount to any product. Value can be set in fixed amount or percent and might be hidden from totals list on checkout page. Will perfectly fit any store with mixed product locations or different suppliers.

opencart, products, totals

Adds list of currently available languages to the various places of your store admin: login form, user editing page and top menu. With this new option every user can select its own language individually. Selected language will be automatically loaded on next login.

backend, opencart, language

This module allows you to use masks for input fields. For example, you can restrict a phone or fax field to contain only fixed number of digits in certain format (e.g.: (555) 123-45-67). It works for all form fields, including dynamically created ones. Easy to use and very effective.

modules, opencart

Allows you to display a list of recommended (promoted) products similar to default Related Products option on product page. You can also use it as a standalone module with recommended products for particular product (some kind of Product of the Day).

opencart, products

Exports your customers to Google Contacts. Especially useful, when you display your mobile phone as a main contact in your store, or at least have a smartphone with GMail account. Fully automatic, doesn't require any attention at all, works with unlimited number of contacts.

opencart, customers

Automatically deletes old orders and carts from database to keep things clean. You just need to set order status and number of days, adjust other options according to your needs and all orders older than given days with given status will be automatically deleted.

opencart, orders

Добавляет в ваш магазин расчет доставки (как обычной, так и EMS) с помощью "Почты России". Работает аналогично любому другому подобному расширению. Все тарифы рассчитываются через официальный API "Почты России" и всегда актуальны.

opencart, доставка, на русском

Добавляет в ваш магазин отслеживание посылок с помощью "Почты России". Работает аналогично любому другому расширению для отслеживания. Информация берется с официального сайта "Почты России" через API.

opencart, на русском, модули

Добавляет в магазин оплату при помощи системы "Яндекс.Деньги". Работает аналогично любому другому расширению для оплаты и совместимо со всеми расширениями для оформления заказа (Simple, Quick Checkout и другими).

opencart, на русском, оплата

Добавляет в магазин оплату при помощи системы QIWI Wallet. Работает аналогично любому другому расширению для оплаты и совместимо со всеми расширениями для оформления заказа (Simple, Quick Checkout и другими).

opencart, на русском, оплата

Добавляет в ваш магазин расчет доставки с помощью "Почты Литвы" (Lietuvos Paštas). Работает аналогично любому другому подобному расширению. Все тарифы берутся с официального сайта "Почты России" и могут быть изменены в любое время.

opencart, доставка, на русском

A collection of our great and absolutely free OpenCart extensions, which add neat and useful features to your site. Very easy to setup, install in two minutes and use, documentation not required at all. Just download and see for yourself, how good they are!

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GeekorGreat day guys, I'm new with open cart and I have a problem, I want to put some foreign exchanges, so I put the Mexican pesos, US dollar, and pounds, you have any plugin that he gives me the price or exchange between the Mexican peso and us dollar? and that exchange gives me at the moment, like if the US dollar gives up to $25MXN and 3 minutes after that prices are low, maybe $24.50, without put it the price manually, I would appreciate it.(08.08.2020, 15:32)(15:32)0
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