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Full-featured Joomla chat, which can be used as local or external shoutbox for cross-site chatting. Supports multiple categories (chat rooms), files uploading, multiple chat instances and rich filtering. Comes with tons of different options and expandable functionality.

joomla, social

Easy to use and very effective mailing system, which allows you to select users by different criteria and inform them about anything you want. Moreover, Smart Mailer can automatically generate digests from different content sources and send them to subscribers.

joomla, marketing

Feature rich component, which posts items (articles, ads, events, blog posts, etc.) in popular social networks and blogging systems: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, LinkedIn and LiveJournal. You just write an article, insert a marker in it and save.

joomla, marketing

Neat and easy to use component, which allows your users to login using their accounts in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram etc. Lot of options to suit all your possible needs, including community extensions support and syncing.

joomla, social, authentication

Smart Seller is a perfect solution for selling all kinds of files in a quick way: extensions, PDF, MP3, images and any other kind of files. It requires only PayPal account and FTP access to upload your stuff. All the rest will be done by this really smart piece of software.

joomla, ecommerce

A great replacement for standard Сontent Search plugin. Allows you to fully customize searching process: exclude or include categories and articles, limit search results by archived or featured articles, search in titles, author names, aliases and much more.

joomla, content, search

A great replacement for standard K2 Search plugin. Allows you to fully customize searching process: exclude or include categories and items, limit search results by archived or featured items, search in titles, author names, aliases and much more.

joomla, search, k2

A great replacement for standard ZOO Search plugin. Allows you to fully customize searching process: exclude or include categories and items, limit search results by archived or frontpage items, search in titles, author names, aliases and much more.

joomla, search, zoo

Extends standard Joomla search and allows your visitors to search for any kind of JomSocial content from any place of your site: users, groups, photos, videos, events, discussions and announcements. A must have for every JomSocial based community.

joomla, jomsocial, search

Allows you to search for IPS Community Suite (former IP.Board) topics, posts and members right from Joomla. You can choose, which forums to hide from search results, search in topic titles only, make search case sensitive, display author avatar and more.

joomla, search, ips community

A great replacement for standard Smart Search - Content plugin. Allows you to fully customize indexing process: exclude or include categories and articles, expand or limit indexing by archived or featured articles, customize taxonomies (search filters) and much more.

joomla, content, smart search

A great replacement for standard Smart Search - K2 plugin. Allows you to fully customize indexing process: exclude or include categories and items, expand or limit indexing by featured articles, customize taxonomies (search filters) and much more.

joomla, k2, smart search

A great replacement for standard Smart Search - ZOO plugin. Allows you to fully customize indexing process: exclude or include categories and items, expand or limit indexing by frontpage items, customize taxonomies (search filters) and much more.

joomla, zoo, smart search

Nice looking JomSocial module which displays birthdays of all Community members or your friends only for a given period. This extension will be especially useful, if you have a lot of friends in your community. You won't miss a single birthday with it!

joomla, modules, jomsocial

Fully customizable module, which displays recent topics from your IPS Community Suite (IP Board) based forum in Joomla. Works perfectly with all versions of IPS CS 4 and has a lot of options to play with.

joomla, modules, ips community

Allows your visitors to login with their IPS Community Suite (former IP.Board) credentials. After first successful login a new Joomla user will be created and all available profile data will be taken from forum database.

joomla, authentication, ips community

A collection of our free Joomla 3.0+ extensions, which add neat and useful features to your site. Very easy to setup and install in two minutes, documentation not required at all. Just download and try for yourself.

joomla, free

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KairiWill the coupons auto-apply on the checkout page when the conditions are met?(12.12.2019, 10:03)(10:03)1
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ArielleThis is where I type something and see what happens(13.01.2020, 13:26)(13:26)0
ArielleSo what happens if I type something extra long. Will it wrap or will it only show so many characters. The interface looks nice enough. What else should I type here? Not sure but I will keep typing anyway. Thanks!(13.01.2020, 13:28)(13:28)1
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GuillermoHi, I got this error after installing multilingual logo ( e: Array to string conversion in /home/hanaa/public_html/admin/view/template/extension/soconfig/cl***/soconfig.php on line 199 )(23.04.2019, 17:42)(17:42)0
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Margothai, anybody home?

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ChelseaНу ка, нука, что тут?(13.04.2019, 12:47)(12:47)2
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BrentleyBrentley, need more testing(16.02.2018, 16:20)(16:20)1
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