Smart Shoutbox

Full-featured Joomla chat, which can be used as local or external shoutbox for cross-site chatting. Supports multiple categories (chat rooms), files uploading, multiple chat instances and rich filtering. Comes with tons of different options and expandable functionality.


 Flexible template with full support of mobile devices and easy styling via CSS. Tons of different options, customizable editor buttons, rich permission set. Unlimited categories, unlimited modules, unlimited members in chat. Images and videos automatically replaced with lightbox and player.  Supports social components like JomSocial, CommunityBuilder etc. Smileys, likes, archive, flood control, file uploading and much, much more.


Compatibility: Joomla 3.0+

Current version: 3.0.5

Why Smart Shoutbox?

First of all, there's no much chat solutions for Joomla and existing ones are either too simple and ugly or overloaded with JavaScript and useless features. Smart Shoutbox is a balanced chat component with neat layout and a fairly enough scripts and features to work smoothly and almost faultlessly. We always monitoring chat and our customers' feature requests, but add only vital and really cool stuff, which will make Smart Shoutbox even better keeping it balanced. Try it for yourself and you will see, that this all is true.




You can see the component demonstration on chat page and module in footer of any other page.

To see the backend demo of click the button below and login (username: demo, password: demo).

Backend Demo

Available Plugins

All plugins require an active Smart Shoutbox license. If you have an active license, please, login to buy or download the desired plugin.

If you can't find desired plugin in the list, send us a request, and we will create it for you!

Chat Button

Adds chat button to Smart Shoutbox module with link to Chat page. Works only with modules.

Current version: 3.0.5

Read Button

Adds Read button to Smart Shoutbox component and module to quickly toggle reading mode.

Current version: 3.0.5

Link Parser

Adds link parsing functionality to Smart Shoutbox. Works for all kinds of links: image, video, email etc.

Current version: 3.0.5

Words Filter

Adds word filtering functionality to Smart Shoutbox. Can be used, for example, as generic profanity filter.

Current version: 3.0.5

Auto Shouter

Adds predefined shouts from particular user to database, which will be later displayed in shoutbox as normal shouts.

Current version: 3.0.5

Cron Alternative

Can be used as an alternative to cron service. Do NOT use this plugin, if you have cron service on your server!

Current version: 3.0.5

Reply Column

Adds Reply column to Smart Shoutbox shouts list to quickly add shout author name and reply to him.

Current version: 3.0.5

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HayleyI see you updated "Reference Program".  I am a current user.  What has changed in the update?  I am trying to understand whether I need to replace the version on my website,(05.11.2018, 14:33)(14:33)0
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Kylehello? how to install vkontakte login?(01.11.2018, 13:26)(13:26)0
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Tyree(02.02.2018, 06:59)(06:59)1
Tyree(02.02.2018, 06:59)(06:59)0
KamdenKamden, das wunder mich nicht!
Scheint ja auch gut zu sein, dieses Plugin ;-)
(18.01.2018, 14:37)(14:37)0
KamdenKlappt ja prima (18.01.2018, 14:29)(14:29)0
Blubbd,g,dd,(12.01.2018, 20:01)(20:01)1
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