Smart Seller

Smart Seller is a perfect solution for selling all kinds of files in a quick way: extensions, PDF, MP3, images and any other kind of files. It requires only PayPal account and FTP access to upload your stuff. All the rest will be done by this really smart piece of software.


 No restrictions for file types. Sell what you want: images, music, videos, software, you name it! Does most things automatically: register users, add new orders to existing accounts, renew the licenses etc. Sends customizable notifications with tags and file attachments on new purchase, update, renewal etc. Complex algorithm of checking download availability to avoid unauthorized downloads (easily expandable with plugins). Review and rating system, which allows your visitors to rate and leave a reviews for your products. Extremely easy to use. Just insert a {smartseller} marker with file ID anywhere you want and you're done!


Compatibility: Joomla 3.0+

Current version: 1.3.6

Why Smart Seller?

Smart Seller was created by people, who have huge experience in selling files. It has several unique features and so easy to use, that you won't even notice, how it works. You customers will buy files, get a notifications with download information and licensing expiration, check the list of all purchased files and renew them without asking for your help. Everything is done automatically and basically require only to upload files and put a {smartseller} marker in any place of you site (article, module, footer, header, you name it). To make it even better, we've added our popular Price Converter plugin in Smart Seller. If you have an international store, your buyers will love it!

Full list of features

  • Easy setup, which requires only PayPal account and FTP access.
  • No restrictions for file types. Sell what you want: images, music, videos etc.
  • Create categories, assign files to them, add menus to file and category pages to build a perfect digital store.
  • Upload files one by one with Smart Mailer or drop them all to FTP and simply scan the folder.
  • Rich permissions set to allow/disallow access to every available section and action in back-end or front-end (view, edit, delete etc).
  • Make file dependent on another one. For example, setup particular plugins to require license for main component.
  • Automatically register users, add new orders to existing accounts and renew the licenses.
  • Sends customizable notifications with tags (order ID, file name, download link etc.) and file attachments on new purchase, update, renewal etc.
  • Sends order reminders with alerts about expiring or expired license and follow up and other emails (requires cron).
  • Limit file downloads or set licensing period for each file separately.
  • Review and rating system, which allows your visitors to rate and leave a reviews for your products.
  • Rich event system, which allows to infinitely expand functionality with plugins (see available plugins below).
  • Integrated currency converter with a list of all available PayPal currencies. Allows customers to pay with chosen currency too!
  • Complex algorithm of checking download availability to avoid unauthorized downloads (easily expandable with plugins).
  • Separate pages for every customer with statistics about his orders, IP addresses and number of downloads.
  • Global discount (for all files) or coupon (once applied) can be set in your store with title, number of uses, start/end dates and more.
  • Export your orders and files from any other file selling extension.
  • Automatically unpublishes order, when dispute is initiated in PayPal or payment refunded.
  • Extremely easy to use. Just insert a {smartseller} marker with file ID anywhere you want and you're done!




We use Smart Seller on our site to sell extensions. Try to purchase or download any extension to see, how it works.

To see the backend demo of click the button below and login (username: demo, password: demo).

Backend Demo

Available Plugins

All plugins require an active Smart Seller license. If you have an active license, please, login to buy or download the desired plugin.

If you can't find desired plugin in the list, send us a request, and we will create it for you!

Simple Tracker

Adds a simple tracker to ZIP archives on file download to track copies.

Current version: 1.4.0

Cron Alternative

Can be used as an alternative to cron service. Do NOT use this plugin, if you have cron service on your server!

Current version: 1.4.0

Change Log

2.0.0 (Upcoming release)

Joomla 2.5

We removed Joomla 2.5 support once and for all. Joomla 2.5 is a VERY old framework and not supported even by its developers. If you want to upgrade Social Crossposting and use its new features, you should update your Joomla to the latest version.

Shopping cart ready

Smart Seller was prepared to work with shopping cart, which comes in next update. Your customers already can purchase single file with multiple additional services. In version 1.5.0 we will finally add a shopping cart to purchase multiple files in desired quantity at once.


  • Behavior and names of some options and permissions changed. Open and update your settings after upgrade!
  • Cron link has changed. Update your cron jobs!
  • Reworked and improved admin UI with additional buttons, filters and options
  • Banned page renamed to Customers and now contains all customers, blocked and active.
  • You can now add multiple files and services to order on back-end.


  • New modules: Currency Converter and Shopping Cart.
  • Services page to add different services to purchased files (e.g.: Installation service).
  • API support. You can now sync your orders with official OpenCart extensions directory.
  • Unapproved status for reviews.
  • Category filter on Reviews page.
  • Minimum Characters option to set minimum number of characters for review text.


  • Status filter on Orders page missing Unapproved option.
  • Category filter on Files page missing Uncategorized option.
  • Bundle filter on Files page missing Unbundled option.
  • Last name's encoding not properly detected, if first name's encoding is UTF-8.


  • Currency rates are now updated by cron with frequency set in cron job settings.
  • Update Rates option removed from settings.
  • "published" tag renamed to "status".
  • Renewal price can now be set in percent from normal price.
  • Renew button now updates only renew count and renew date.
  • All limits calculated considering number of renewals and last renew date.
  • Email placeholders renamed into tags.


  • Optimized admin UI with slightly new look and additional options.
  • PayPal export is now fully formatted and perfectly readable.
  • Extension updated to work with latest PayPal API changes.
  • Optimized code and database queries.
  • CURL SSL certificate updated.
  • Improved submission form.
  • Many language strings were changed, removed or added.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Cron secret key moved to options and can now be changed. Don't forget to edit your cron job or secret key after update!
  • ADDED: New Purchase Files permission in extension's settings to allow or disallow certain user groups to purchase files. Don't forget to set it!
  • Some language strings added or changed.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Banned page to manage list of banned customers.
  • ADDED: Banned Fields option in extension settings to select columns for banned customers list.
  • ADDED: Ban/Unban buttons on Customer Details page.
  • FIXED: Publishing of a single order is broken.
  • FIXED: Language string for order approval admin notification is missing.
  • Improved security with additional check for customer's ban status.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Approve Countries option in extension's settings to approve orders only from residents of selected countries.
  • ADDED: Notify Admin option in extension settings to inform admin about various things (e.g.: order requires approval).
  • ADDED: Notify Email option in extension's settings, where you can enter email address for all admin notifications.
  • ADDED: Unapproved order status on order editing page.
  • ADDED: Expires column in orders list, which shows order expiry date.
  • FIXED: If PayPal dispute created for unapproved (unpublished) order and then closed, order becomes approved (published).
  • FIXED: Bundles not deleted after download.


  • ADDED: Additional check for purchased file currency to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • FIXED: When transaction status is Canceled Reversal, order is not published again.
  • FIXED: Price converter doesn't work properly, when bundle button type is set to "Compact".
  • FIXED: Bundles not removed from hard drive after download.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • ADDED: Export tab in extension's settings, introducing export feature (for files only right now).
  • ADDED: XML Name option on file editing page. Will be used for export to XML.
  • ADDED: Approve Purchases option for each file separately.
  • ADDED: Optional Size column in files list with actual file size.
  • ADDED: Show Size option in settings to display file size across the site.
  • ADDED: Approve Orders option in settings to approve ALL orders regardless individual file settings.
  • ADDED: Order Approval option to select notification article for orders, requiring approval.
  • ADDED: Show Bundled option in settings to display bundle contents with PayPal / Download button.
  • ADDED: Bundle Type option in settings to choose between Normal and Compact view for bundles.
  • FIXED: User groups check fails, when user edited his profile.
  • FIXED: Currency is always USD for new files added by scanning storage folder.
  • Minor bug fixes and button layout improvements.
  • Some language strings changed or added. Don't forget to update your localizations!
  • Documentation updated to reflect latest changes.


  • FIXED: Error with getModel() function on bundle download.
  • FIXED: User not created, if username has less than 2 characters.
  • FIXED: Wrong custom marker processing, when multiple markers set on one page.
  • Minor layout improvements.


  • Completely reworked UI. Check and update your options after upgrade!
  • Most language strings changed. Countries list moved to language file and can now be translated as well.
  • ADDED: Currency rates are now updated once in a set period of time, which greatly improves loading speed, when using converter.
  • ADDED: Update Period option in extension's settings to automatically update currency rates.
  • ADDED: Update Rates button on extension's main page in back-end to manually update currency rates.
  • ADDED: Renew price for each file, which can differ from base price and will be calculated accordingly.
  • ADDED: Affect Renew option for global discount, which adds discount to renew prices.
  • ADDED: Process Pending option in PayPal settings to process transactions with Pending status (see documentation for more).
  • ADDED: Show Converter option in settings, which works separately from Enable Converter option.
  • ADDED: Expanded permissions for each content section: categories, files, orders etc (see documentation for more).
  • ADDED: Option to turn on/off customer notification on order and review edit page.
  • ADDED: New notifications: on review added and on review updated.
  • ADDED: Option to show or hide zero price (FREE!).
  • ADDED: Option to turn on/off jQuery library.
  • FIXED: Wrong price conversion, when file currency differs from base currency.
  • FIXED: Error message, when rates were not received from external source (service is down).
  • FIXED: Clear button not working on orders, files, reviews and categories pages.
  • FIXED: Order check is wrong, when reviews for multiple files listed.
  • FIXED: Buyer's first and last names saved in wrong encoding (for non-Latin names), v. 2. Fixed at last!
  • FIXED: Discount applied to all user groups, not only for ones set in options.
  • FIXED: Wrong redirection URL in converter, when item ID not set.
  • FIXED: Wrong converted price, when thousands delimiter is not empty.
  • FIXED: Joomla 2.5 compatibility issues. It now looks and works absolutely the same was as on Joomla 3.0.
  • Improved feedback, which now displays a system message on every action.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: New reminder for orders with zero downloads (see documentation for more).
  • ADDED: Price converter and discount on My Orders page.
  • ADDED: Global discount type: discount or coupon (see documentation for more).
  • ADDED: You can now put a list of IDs in "smartreviews" marker to display reviews for multiple files.
  • FIXED: Purchase button displays for free download groups on My Orders page.
  • FIXED: Reminders not follow Emails per Cycle option properly.
  • Improved PayPal button code and simplified output for better performance and less bugs in the future.
  • Increased security of transactions.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and improvements, including language files and CSS.


  • ADDED: Version field, where you can set file version. Can be displayed across the site and in emails, using "version" placeholder.
  • FIXED: Discount in fixed amount applies to all currencies without conversion.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Price precision value in extension settings, decimal and thousands delimiters (in language file).
  • ADDED: Notification to admin about new review (optional).
  • ADDED: More system notifications for different actions in back-end.
  • FIXED: Converted price and currency not applied on checkout.
  • FIXED: Discount is only shown, but not applied on checkout.
  • FIXED: Footer is displayed, even if set to No in options.
  • FIXED: Invalid Email error, when email field is not required.
  • FIXED: File price on My Orders page not following user currency and converted price.
  • FIXED: Discount not showing and not applied on My Orders page.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Greatly improved notification system with new and changed placeholders (see documentation). Update your articles!
  • Improved PayPal IPN processing, overall security and license checks.
  • ADDED: New major feature — file review and rating system.
  • ADDED: New major feature — reminders (requires cron).
  • ADDED: New notifications: on deleted order, on published/unpublished order, on review approval.
  • ADDED: Option in general extension's settings to turn off Smart Hide feature. Now you can disable content hiding without removing markers.
  • ADDED: Date picker on order editing page.
  • ADDED: Option in general extension's settings to use captcha (active for reviews only right now).
  • FIXED: Buyer's first and last names saved in wrong encoding (for non-Latin names).
  • A lot of bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Global discount can now be set for all files in your store.
  • ADDED: Smart Hide feature to hide any content from users, who don't have active license to particular file (see documentation for more).
  • ADDED: Connected Domains field for orders, where you can set a list of domains connected to purchased license.
  • FIXED: Wrong return and cancel URLs, when Success and Cancel pages are set.
  • FIXED: Item missing from categories list, when category ID equals file ID.
  • FIXED: Wrong PayPal sandbox URL.
  • FIXED: Removed check for user being blocked, which lead to wrong order assignment.
  • FIXED: Users from free download groups are not able to download files, which have parent file set.
  • FIXED: Multiple lines don't match in custom smartseller markers.


  • Initial release.



Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install page, upload distribution package you've previously downloaded and click Install. Before you enable extension you must setup it first.

For plugins: Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find the desired plugin and open its settings. Setup accordingly and only then enable.

For modules: Go to Extensions -> Modules, find the desired module and open its settings. Setup accordingly and only then enable.

For components: Hover your mouse over Components menu item, find the desired component and go to Options page. Setup everything accordingly and don't forget to check Permissions tab.

PayPal Settings

First of all, you have to register PayPal account, if you don't have any. When you done, install Smart Seller from Extension Manager as usual and setup according to your liking. If you don't understand, which option means, read a short description of it in a hint or look for more information in Settings section below.

Multiple currencies

If you want to accept payments in different currencies, you need to change payment receiving preferences in your PayPal profile. Go to Profile -> My Selling Tools, locate Block Payments option and click Update. On the Payment Receiving Preferences find "Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold" option and select "Yes, accept and convert them". If you don't do so, all payments in any currency besides USD and your local one will have Pending status. You will have to login to PayPal and manually accept such payments. Only after that transaction will be completed and order added.

Names encoding

For better compatibility with non-Latin names set PayPal encoding to UTF-8:

  • Go to your PayPal profile.
  • Click "My selling tools" in the sidebar.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "PayPal button language encoding".
  • Click "More options" and set the encoding to UTF-8.

If you don't set encoding to UTF-8, some customer names in Russian, Chinese or other non-Latin languages will be messed up.

Options Description

You will always find a short description of any option in its hint on Smart Seller settings page. Below is more detailed description of each option.

General Settings

  • Add jQuery — Adds jQuery library to your site on page load. Disable, if another jQuery instance is already loaded.
  • Storage folder — Path to the folder, where you keep all your files. Must be a path, NOT URL! Something like /home/public_html/files.
  • File prefix — A prefix, which will be added to file with each download.
  • Allowed extensions — List of allowed file extensions, which will narrow file scan and keep all other files intact.
  • Free download groups — List of groups, which will always have access to all files from your site.
  • Approve orders — All orders will be unpublished by default and you have to publish (approve) them manually.
  • Auto register — For all not registered buyers a new account will be automatically created.
  • Auto add — If set to Yes, order will be added to existing user account, when user is not logged in. His PayPal email must match Joomla account email.
  • Auto renew — If set to Yes, expired orders from the same customer will be renewed; No — new order will be created. If customer bought one file multiple times, last purchase will be renewed.
  • Delete physically — If set to Yes, files will be deleted from your hard drive, when you click Delete or Empty button in admin.
  • Smart hide — Enables hiding content from everyone except license owners.
  • Use captcha — Enables captcha in review form and any other submissions.
  • Success page — Create an article or any other type of content and set a menu item for it. Customer will be redirected to this page upon successful payment.
  • Cancel page — Create an article or any other type of content and set a menu item for it. Customer will be redirected to this page, if he cancels payment.
  • From name — Sender's name for all notifications and reminders. If not set, name will be taken from global mail configuration.
  • From email — Sender's email for all notifications and reminders. If not set, email will be taken from global mail configuration.
  • Attach files — If set to Yes, purchased file will be attached to notification email.

Layout Settings

  • Button type —  How your payment button will look like: image or text.
  • Bundle button —  Use full layout for bundle button (like for file button) or compact one.
  • Date format — Desired date display according to PHP date() function format.
  • Show title — If set to Yes, file title will be displayed with PayPal button.
  • Show price — If set to Yes, file price will be displayed with PayPal button.
  • Show free — Price will be displayed, even if it equals zero. "Free" word will be used instead.
  • Show bundled — Bundle contents will be displayed across the site (e.g.: on My Orders page).
  • Show version — File version will be displayed across the site (e.g.: on My Orders page).
  • Show size — File size will be displayed across the site (e.g.: on My Orders page).
  • Show footer — If set to Yes, a small block with additional info about security and accepted payment methods will be displayed.
  • Show converter — Displays price converter with PayPal button.
  • Show dates — Displays discount start and end dates with PayPal button.
  • Back-end Options section — Allows you to select different columns for files, orders and other lists.

Converter Settings

  • Enable converter — Turns on/off currency converter.
  • Currencies list — List currencies, which will be available to convert into.
  • Add fee — A fee in percent to compensate some losses during conversion.
  • Update period — How often currency rates will be updated.
  • Round type — Conversion usually returns price with decimals. You may round them to set number of decimals or raise/lower it to the highest/lowest integer.
  • Round by (Standard only) — Price decimal value will be limited by given number (e.g.: 16.4536 will become 16.45 if round value is 2).
  • Price precision — How many digits will be displayed after integer in converted price.

PayPal Settings

  • Sandbox mode — PayPal test mode. No actual money will be withdrawn during transaction. Don't forget to set it to No, when you finished with testing.
  • Business name — You company or any other name, which will appear on PayPal payment form. Do NOT set it, if you account is not Business type!.
  • PayPal email — You PayPal login (required!).
  • Tax value — Tax or VAT value in percent (optional).
  • Base currency —  Your base currency, which will be used by default (optional).
  • PayPal country — Your PayPal country (optional).
  • Process pending — If set to Yes, for transactions with Pending status a new unpublished order will be created and will be published automatically, when you manually accept the payment in your PayPal account. Otherwise new order will be created only after payment accepted.
  • Send export — A truly geek feature, which will send you a bunch of info about payment.


  • Enable notifications — If set to Yes, customer will receive a notification with information about his order. For example, you may create a Thank You article with download link and order info.
  • Order added — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification about new order.
  • Order approval — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification, when new order requires approval.
  • Order renewed — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification about renewed order.
  • Order updated — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification about updated order.
  • Order (un)published — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification, when order was published or unpublished.
  • Order deleted — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification, when order was deleted.
  • Review added — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification about new review.
  • Review updated — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification about updated review.
  • Review (un)approved — Joomla article, which will be used as a notification, when review is approved or declined.


  • Enable — Enables sending of particular reminders to customers (one per each reminder).
  • Emails per cycle — How many reminders will be sent per one pass. Do not set it too high, or you might get banned by your hosting provider!
  • Send report — A report about processed reminders will be sent to your email after each cron job.
  • License expires — Reminds customer about expiring license, if it has less days left, than Send Before option, and more, than zero.
  • License expired — Notifies customer about expired license in set number of days defined in Send After option.
  • Follow order — Sends a follow up email after set number of days defined in Send After option and if license is active.
  • Article — Joomla article to be used as a certain reminder.
  • Send before/after — Number of days before or after certain event (see description of the reminder).
  • Recurring — If set to yes, reminder will be send in set number of days over and over again. Otherwise reminder will be sent once.

Global discount

  • Enable discount — Turns on/off a global discount for all files.
  • Type — Type of global discount. Discount — works for all files 24/7. Coupon — works only when coupon code entered before purchase.
  • Discount title — Optional discount title. For example, "Black Friday 40% OFF".
  • Coupon code — Set of digits and letters, which customer should enter in Coupon field before purchase to get a discount.
  • Value — Discount value. Can be set as fixed amount or percentage.
  • Coupon uses — Number of times coupon can be used per customer. 0 — unlimited and available for everyone, including guests, 1 and more — customer must login to enter coupon name.
  • Start date — When global discount starts.
  • End date — When global discount ends.
  • Groups — Joomla groups, which are eligible for discount (leave empty for all).
  • Affects renew — Discount will be also applied to renewed orders.


  • Enable reviews — Turns on/off review and rating system.
  • Review ordering — Reviews will be sorted from old to new (ascending) or from new to old (descending)
  • Reviews per page — How may reviews will be displayed on one page.
  • Customers only — Only customers (with or without active license) will be able to write reviews to the files they own or owned.
  • Submit interval — Simple flood control option in seconds to avoid submitting a large amount of reviews.
  • Form position — Where review form will be displayed: above or below reviews list.
  • Collapse form — If set to Yes, form will be collapsed by default.
  • Show rating — Adds rating stars to review form and reviews list.
  • Rating score — How many starts rating will have.
  • Show author — Adds author name to review form and reviews list.
  • Show email — Email field is enabled and required in review form.
  • Show title — Adds review title to review form and reviews list.
  • Show date — Shows submission dates in reviews list.
  • Notify admin — Administrator will be notified about new reviews.


  • Enable export — Turns on/off export feature. Saves various information from database to XML file.
  • XML file — XML file name, where export information will be stored. File will be saved in the root folder of your site.
  • Files Export section — Enables XML export for different file information fields.


A very important section, where you can set restrictions for different actions on front-end and back-end. Every permission has a hint, which explains its meaning. Don't forget to setup this section before going live!

Smarseller Markers

There're several markers available, one for each task. You can have any number of markers of any type on one page — they'll be properly processed and replaced with actual content.

PayPal button

This is the easiest part. Just insert a button marker anywhere you want and it will be replaced with PayPal button, price, currency converter, etc.:


ID — desired file ID, which you can find on Files page in your back-end. That's it.

If you want to display custom text instead of generic PayPal button, wrap this text in tags like this:

{smartseller=ID}Some text{/smartseller}

In this case marker will be replaced with "PRICE Some text", where PRICE — desired file's price or "FREE Some text", if price is zero.

Reviews section

Similar to PayPal button just insert a reviews marker anywhere you want and it will be replaced with submit form and list of existing reviews:


ID — desired file ID or IDs separated by comma, which you can find on Files page in your back-end.

Hide content

You can hide any content from users, who don't have active license to particular file. This can be useful, for example, when you don't want to show documentation, usage instructions or any similar kind of essential information. To hide content, just wrap it in smarthide tags like this:

{smarthide=ID}Some text{/smarthide}

ID — desired file ID, which you can find on Files page in your back-end.

Creating Bundles

Bundle is a sets of files, a package, which you can sold separately for its own price. To create a bundle, add a new file, choose Bundle as Type and name it. After that select this bundle from dropdown menu for all the files you want to be bundled. When customer downloads bundle, all bundled files will be packed in separate archive on-the-fly. You don't have to add bundle physically.

Using Tags

In notifications and reminders you may use tags like {tag} or {tag}Some text{/tag}, which will be replaced with actual values before sending an email to customer. Simple tag {tag} will be always replaced with actual value, even if the value is empty or zero. For example, {expires} will be replaced with set number of license period in days. Double tag {tag}Some text{/tag} is good, when the value is optional and you don't want it to be displayed, when not available. It means, that {expires}License period:{/expires} will be replaced with "License period: 180 days" if file has this value set and will be hidden if this value is zero.


  • orderid — current order ID;
  • date — order payment date;
  • daysleft — how many days left until license expires (including "days" word);
  • downsleft — how many downloads left until license expires (including "downloads" word);
  • downlink — file download link.
  • firstname — customer's first name;
  • lastname — customer's last name;
  • email — customer's email address;


  • fileid — ID of the purchased file;
  • filename — file name (for example,;
  • filetitle — file title (for example Some File);
  • version — file version;
  • description — file description;
  • price — file price;
  • currency — file currency;
  • domains — list of domains, connected to purchased license;
  • expires — file licensing period in days (including "days" word);
  • downlimit — file download limit (including "downloads" word);
  • reqlogin — use it, if user must login to download file;
  • reqregister — use it, if user must register to purchase file;
  • filepage — will be replaced with link to the page with purchased file (if set) and file title;


  • reviewid — review ID;
  • reviewtitle — review title;
  • reviewtext — review text;
  • rating — review rating;
  • author — review author's name;


  • date — item date;
  • userid — Joomla user ID;
  • status — Item (order, review, etc.) status: published (approved) or unpublished (declined).
  • ip — user's IP-address (multiple addresses, when available);

Send reminders

If you want to send reminders, use the following command for cron job (or launch URL from it manually):

lynx -source ''

ХХХХХХ — secret key, which is stored in database. You'll find your personal string with secret key on the main page of the component. If you don't want to receive any reports, put this command at the end of the above string:

> /dev/null

Events and Plugins

Smart Seller has integrated events system, which allows you to create plugins to expand main extension's functionality. Here's a list of all currently available events:

onSmartSellerPrepareFile(&$file, $order)

Triggers, when file is prepared for download. You may do anything with it: add other files to package, rename file etc.

$file — An object with all file attributes, which must be returned.
$order — An object with order attributes (date, customer's name, email, country etc.).

onSmartSellerFormCreate(&$form, $file)

Triggers, when peyment form is created. You may add any other stuff to the beginning or the end of the form, any extra information: text, HTML, iimages etc.

$form — Fully prepared HTML form, which must be returned.
$file — An object with all file attributes.

onSmartSellerCheckOrder(&$result, $order, $file)

Triggers, when file is checked on availability before downloading or displaying payment button. You may add any other checks here (for example, subscriptions).

$result — Boolean type value, which must be returned.
$order — An object with order attributes (date, customer's name, email, country etc.).
$file — An object with all file attributes.


Triggers, when opening file page on back-end, checks for extra subscription to create extra form fields.

$file — An object with all file attributes. $file->subscriptions array should be filled with values. Here's a list of available keys:

  • source — Subscriptions source.
  • title — Subscriptions source title.
  • items — An array of items like subscription levels or subscriptions themselves with two keys: 'id' and 'title'.

You can have unlimited number of subscriptions for each file activated subscription plugins and they all will be checked before downloading or displaying payment button.

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hi Any Body Like To Watch My Videos

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Kamden Kamden, das wunder mich nicht!
Scheint ja auch gut zu sein, dieses Plugin ;-)
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