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Modal System Messages 2.2.1


This plugin replaces ugly Joomla system messages with modal windows and colorize them depending on the message type. Window design is highly customizable and can be styled even by newcomers.


  • Nice clean window layout with easy styling via CSS.
  • Two window themes: classic and modern.
  • Turn dim background on/off.
  • Choose closing method: button, background or both.
  • Put some footer at the bottom of the window.
  • Automatically close window in set number of seconds.
  • Choose animation speed.



Click Login button in menu and on the next page enter any data and hit another Login button (not the same one you hit before!). You'll see the good old system message, but in nice modal window.

Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0



Here's what our customers say about this extension...

Reviews for Modal System Messages

Best system message plugin !

Aleksey, 02.01.2014

Downtime and very intuitive plugin for system messages. Excellent support. I asked for a window closing time and after a while the plugin has been updated. I advise everyone! thx krotek )

like it

Michael Eichhorn, 12.02.2013

I do not understand why joomla system messages are that ugly. moreover I am happy hat I have found this little but great plugin! I like it. If it had more user friendly settings without the need of editing css stylesheet, I gave it 5 stars.

Great! right out of the box.

Chris Davis, 11.02.2013

This plugin works as advertised right out of the box. Just install the plugin and enable it. I set the option for dimming the background to "yes" and it works great!

The way it should be

ILYA, 02.07.2012

Nice one, thanks a ton for this! I had no issues installing and using it so far, with latest J2.5 and a big bunch of other extensions!


Patrick Toulze, 28.06.2012

Installed and replaced the normal Joomla Message in a minute. Just CSS to your liking. The only point I will change is to have a darken transparent background to really keep the focus on the message. I Just CSS that myself in minutes, but it will be preferable to be integrated by the Dev. I ask some questions and the Dev. and, I get my answers rapidly. Thanks !

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