Smart Shoutbox

Full-featured Joomla chat component and module, which can be used as standalone shoutbox or IP.Shoutbox mirror. Create chat rooms, upload files, install multiple chat modules, tons of options! Definitely the best Joomla chat extension for now, not doubts.


 Flexible template with full support of mobile devices and easy styling via CSS.  Tons of different options, customizable editor buttons, rich permission set. Unlimited categories, unlimited modules, unlimited members in chat. Images and videos automatically replaced with lightbox and player.  Supports social components like JomSocial, CommunityBuilder etc. Smileys, likes, archive, flood control, file uploading and much, much more.

Price:24.95 EURConvert to EUR / GBP / RUB / USD

Compatibility: Joomla 3.0+

Current version:  2.9.4

Why Smart Shoutbox?

First of all, there're not much chat solutions for Joomla and existing ones are either too simple and ugly or overloaded with JavaScript and useless features. Smart Shoutbox is a balanced chat component with neat layout and a fairly enough scripts and features to work smoothly and almost faultlessly. We always monitoring chat and our customers' feature requests, but add only vital and really cool stuff, which will make Smart Shoutbox even better keeping it balanced. Try it for yourself and you will see, that this all is true.


Price:24.95 EURConvert to EUR / GBP / RUB / USD


You can see the component demonstration on main Shoutbox page and module in footer of any other page.

To see the backend demo of click the button below and login (username: demo, password: demo).

Backend Demo

Available Plugins

All plugins require an active Smart Shoutbox license. If you own Smart Shoutbox and your license is still active, please, login to buy or download the desired plugin. After that simply download it, install, setup and enable.

Smart Shoutbox - Autoshouter

Smart Shoutbox - Cron

Change Log

2.9.5 (Upcoming)

  • ADDED: Scroll Top option to turn on/off scrolling to the top of the window after submitted shout.
  • FIXED: All non-active categories sometimes highlighted on refresh, when one of them has new shouts.
  • FIXED: Extension's version is checked on every page in admin (should be only checked on Home).
  • FIXED: Last shout ID is not always passed, old shouts returned on refresh due to this.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Allow Duplicates option to allow or restrict users from adding the same shouts successively.
  • ADDED: Avoid Flood Control option to disable shouting interval for certain user groups.
  • FIXED: Uploaded files are being uploaded with every shout until page is reloaded.
  • FIXED: When shout is added, timer is not reset in case of any error.


  • ADDED: Combine Shouts option to combine consequent shouts from the same user.
  • ADDED: Archive Ordering option to define shout ordering in archive separately from chat.
  • FIXED: Announcement with quotes and apostrophes produces an error.
  • FIXED: Mobile Width set in percent produces an error.
  • FIXED: Ascending shout order is double reversed and displayed incorrectly.
  • Added a workaround for shouts, assigned to deleted users.
  • Minor improvements.


  • Improved admin interface with several new options. Go to Options, check and save them after update!
  • ADDED: Cron plugin to execute cron task, when cron service is not available.
  • ADDED: Short Date Format option to set date format for mobile/sidebar layout.
  • ADDED: Send Report option to send cron job report to admin email.
  • FIXED: Shouts between submitted and latest shout for current member not displayed until refresh.
  • FIXED: On global chat page editor is not replaced with input in mobile/sidebar layout.
  • FIXED: Kunena avatar not properly displayed.
  • FIXED: All editor buttons are always displayed, no matter the settings.
  • FIXED: Some language strings are not properly displayed on front-end.
  • FIXED: Attached Files section duplicated on shout edit.
  • FIXED: Shout list is empty, when catid parameter in URL is present and doesn't belong to Smart Shoutbox.
  • FIXED: Smileys and attachments are not properly processed in shout list on back-end.
  • Some language strings were removed, added or changed.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Manage Options permission to allow or deny change and save extension's settings.
  • ADDED: Autoscan for smileys on fresh installation of Smart Shoutbox.
  • FIXED: Smiley saving is not working properly.
  • FIXED: Menu link search generates error, when Joomla, Community Builder or Kunena selected.
  • Upgrade strings resorted to ensure smooth upgrades in the future.
  • Slightly improved admin UI.



Joomla 2.5

We removed Joomla 2.5 support once and for all. Joomla 2.5 is a VERY old framework and not supported even by its developers. If you want to upgrade Smart Shoutbox and use its great new features, you should update your Joomla to the latest version.


This is the last version, that still supports IP.Shoutbox. In version 3.0 it'll be replaced with external database feature, which will allow you to use Smart Shoutbox across multiple sites. However you will be able to import all your IP.Shoutbox shouts and migrate to Smart Shoutbox.

What next?

In the next major release we're going to optimize the code and even rewrite it, if needed. Version 3.0 will be lighter, faster and more stable. All operations will be executed in a more simple way to ensure 100% functionality in most environments. We will also try to improve mobile template and add some related settings for seamless work on all mobile devices.

And, of course, a long promised External Database support will be added for cross-site chatting. Another great feature to come — import from other chatting extensions and not only for Joomla.

If you have any issues with Smart Shoutbox or ideas you want to share, this is the time to write us!


  • New slick admin UI. Some options added some changed. Open your settings and update!
  • All permission names changed. You MUST set them again after upgrade!


  • Debug optionto trace issues with shouts.
  • Filter Words option to define a list of bad words, you want to hide in shouts.
  • Word Mask option to replace bad words with defined mask.
  • Columns selection options for categories, shouts, banned users and smileys lists.
  • You can now change category creation date on category editing page.
  • Window Height option in extension and module settings to define shout window height for global chat and each module separately.
  • Maximum Width option to define maximum width for mobile template.


  • Shouts with not closed tags or special characters displayed as empty due to error.
  • Names still generated, when Generate Names option is set to No.
  • Categories and Shouts are not properly opened by Edit button.
  • First shout not displayed after submit, if no categories created.
  • Path to avatar is incomplete sometimes and image not displayed.
  • Uncategorized shouts are not displayed in the module, if other categories exist.
  • Smiley title improperly processed, producing broken HTML.
  • Category ID is not passed on refresh.
  • Embedded videos become broken, when shout is edited.
  • Images displayed in original size and don't use lightbox on back-end.
  • Files with non-Latin names uploaded incorrectly.


  • Slightly improved mobile/sidebar template.
  • Improved Smileys page on back-end with new Scan option, searching and sorting functionality.
  • System messages now displayed above shouts list and more mobile friendly.
  • External plugins and libraries updated to their latest versions (where applicable).
  • Some language stings changed or added.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Completely new extension concept: now it's a component with lots of options, not just a module.


  • Initial release as a simple module, which mirrored IP.Shoutbox contents to Joomla.


You must purchase a license to Smart Shoutbox first. If you already did, please, login to read documentation.

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