Social Login

Neat and easy to use component, which allows your users to login with their accounts in different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. It has lot of options to suit all your possible needs, including community extensions support and syncing.


15 social networks to login and merge existing Joomla account with. More can be added by request.   No monthly fees. No user limits. Does not depend on any library. It just works the way you expect it to! User social connections stored in database, which allows your visitors to quickly login from any location. Can completely replace standard registration, reset password and login pages with simplified more user friendly ones.  Supports social components like JomSocial, CommunityBuilder, EasySocial, Kunena etc. More can be added by request. Absolutely fault safe from any popup blockers or tabbed windows. The most stable social login component on the market.

Price:14.95 EURConvert to EUR / GBP / RUB / USD

Compatibility: Joomla 3.0

Current version: 4.1.1

Why Social Login?

There're lot of extensions like Social Login today, but they often have ridiculous limitations. Usually you're allowed to have only small number of connections for free and the rest is billed monthly. There're other limitations as well, including providers and layout customization. Social Login doesn't have any limitations and can be customized any way you like. It also doesn't depend on any external library and works with every network's API directly, which greatly increases stability and control.

Available networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, GitHub, WordPress, Foursquare VKontakte,, Yandex, Odnoklassniki


Price:14.95 EURConvert to EUR / GBP / RUB / USD


You can find social networks icons on the top of any page of our site. Don't be shy, click any icon you like and test it!

To see the backend demo of click the button below and login (username: demo, password: demo).

Backend Demo

Available Plugins

All plugins require an active Social Login license. If you own Social Login and your license is still active, please, login to buy or download the desired plugin. After that simply download it, install, setup and enable.

Social Login Redirect

Change Log


  • FIXED: Fatal error with getProfile() function in Twitter login.
  • FIXED: Reset Password link is not working in standard login form.


  • ADDED: New networks: GitHub, WordPress and Foursquare. 15 networks in total!
  • ADDED: Reset Form option to select standard or simple (skip username remind) password reset form.
  • ADDED: Reset Password page with simplified form and custom HTML email.
  • ADDED: Reset Note option to display custom note on Password Reset page.
  • ADDED: Reset Requests option in redirection plugin to redirect all password reset requests to Social Login.
  • FIXED: Wrong links to Social Login pages on front-end, when SEF URLs enabled.
  • FIXED: Authorization error messages from authentication plugins are not displayed.
  • Redirection plugin removed from the main package. You need to manually download it from Social Login homepage.
  • Week days and months in date format now follow site's language.
  • Slightly improved admin interface.
  • Minor improvements and code optimization.


Our Social Authorization extension not only changed its name to Social Login, but was also completely reworked. We did so many changes, that decided to list only most important ones. Not much left of version 3.0, so you may safely uninstall it and move to 4.0. We hope, you'll enjoy it!


New version is much more flexible in terms of upgrade. We plan to continue its development further and add more features:

  • List of connected networks and their settings on profile page.
  • Syncing options for user profiles.
  • Custom registration form with selectable fields.
  • More networks!


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Extension was completely reworked and optimized with increased security and stability.
  • Extension renamed to Social Login. Previous version must be uninstalled!
  • New admin UI. Check and update your options after upgrade!
  • New modern looking template on front-end.
  • Joomla 2.5 support removed. Please, upgrade your Joomla to latest version.
  • ADDED: 4 new networks: PayPal, Yahoo, Pinterest and Yandex.
  • ADDED: Redirection plugin to redirect users from standard Joomla login and view profile pages to Social Login.
  • Extension updated to the latest API versions for each network.
  • You can now select community extension and get profile info from it, when user logs in normally.
  • Improved functionality, when multiple Social Login modules is used on the same page.
  • Improved compatibility with SSL-enabled sites.
  • Improved feedback with more detailed error messages.


  • Milestone reached: Absolutely new extension concept. Now it's not just module, but a component with new features and extra networks.


  • Milestone reached: Greatly improved and modified version.


  • Initial release of Social Login extension as a module under name Social Authorization.


You must purchase a license to Social Login first. If you already did, please, login to read documentation.

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