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Missing Tags & Meta 2.2.0

A simple module, which shows a list of articles without meta description, keywords or tags (for Joomla 3.2 and above). Very useful if you tend to give all your articles descriptions, keywords or tags, but sometimes forget to do so.


  • Displays articles with missing meta description, keywords or tags (Joomla 3.2 and above).
  • Option to search for missing tags only and skip meta data.
  • Perfectly integrates with standard admin skin.
  • Very good for SEO!



Currently there's no demo for this extension. See screenshots below.

Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0



Here's what our customers say about this extension...

Reviews for Missing Tags & Meta

Absolutely Necessary and Well Done!

B.A. Umberger, 29.07.2013

Remarkable extension, perfect! Assign this module to your Admin cPanel and it does exactly as it says, creates a complete list of articles with missing meta data. Especially good if you have authors on your site who often forget to fill in the data. Works great ... nice job, hats-off!


Randal Cox, 27.09.2012

There was a 1.5 extension that did the same thing, that I have long missed. I was just working up the energy to write such a thing myself. It works exactly as promised.

Simple and Great!!

Renato Mendonça, 15.09.2012

This admin module is just what i need. Simple to install and configure. Many Tks


Dilo De Alwis, 28.04.2012

simple install and worked as billed. Found all of my articles with empty metadata and keyword fields! Great help to keep SEO ticking

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