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specific language and some issues

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OK, that's interesting... I've tried to display key codes for all ALT and CTRL keys. Somehow it appeared, that Right ALT is considered by JavaScript as CTRL. So basically, we have three CTRL keys on keyboard, which is kinda weird, if you ask me.

To fix this, open components/com_smartshoutbox/assets/js/editor.js file and replace ALL instances of this:

if (e.ctrlKey) {

With this:

if ((e.ctrlKey || e.metaKey) && !(e.altKey)) {

It will now check for CTRL key AND if it's not ALT key.

Anyway, in 3.0 there will be a different 3rd party editor and the some editor related issue might go away by themselves.

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Cool! I'm glad it finally worked for you.

I'll soon add a new editor to our server and you'll be able to test it, if you wish. This editor will be introduced in 3.0.

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By the way, I created a topic about 3.0 development. See, what's already been made or what's planned and share your ideas.

The more people will help, the better version 3.0 will become!

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