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After enabling "Cron" plugin i have error " 1054 Unknown column 'item' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT status, target FROM #__crossposting_journal WHERE item = '3226' AND source = 'k2' AND network = 'vk' AND targetid = '52853904' "

I cannot open Plugin tab or other tab. This error only.

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We highly recommended in change log for the latest update to reinstall extension completely and setup again. It's a major update, where everything was changed, so this is the best option.

To reinstall do the following:

  1. Remove Social Crossposting component and ALL its plugins.
  2. Delete crossposting_journal table.
  3. Download and install latest version of the component.
  4. Download new versions of ALL plugins you need. Note, that Cron, Hide Marker and Insert Marker plugins are now not included in the package and downloaded separately.
  5. Go to Components -> Social Crossposting and if you don't see the red warning message about options not saved, go to Options and click Reset.
  6. Open documentation and setup everything again.

The only thing, that you probably can skip is creating new applications. But I highly recommend you to open your existing applications for EACH network and compare their setup with documentation.

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