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Please note: Joomla extensions are free, but support is not.

Joomla 4 compatibility.

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I don't have any plans to update any of my extensions to Joomla 4 unless somebody invests in development. I stopped working on Joomla extensions a couple years ago, because this framework became awful in terms of sales thanks to Joomla developers.

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I'm sorry to hear that but I understand, even Joomlashine and Joomdev have given up. However, I am willing to pay for this one extension to be upgraded. I have installed Social Login on my XAMPP localhost just fine but I get the error; " Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Language\Language::getKnownLanguages()"

I've done a little digging and found a list of deprecated elements on the Joomla API documentation page at https://api.joomla.org/cms-3/deprecated.html

The instructions seem simple enough, replace Language::getKnownLanguages() with LanguageHelper::getKnownLanguages() but I'm having difficulty doing this.

If this is a fix you're willing to make, please provide me with a quote and I'd be happy to pay in advance.

Many thanks



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This might not be the only issue. If you're willing to invest in development, please, send me an email or message in Skype to support@thekrotek.com

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