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Please note: Joomla extensions are free, but support is not.

User does not seem to use cache with Joomla credentials, why?

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we are testing Social Login component+module. We are able to login, but after login, the module and the page, where the module is included, does not show logged in user details, or logout buttons. The user is logged in, yes, but the Social Module shows the user are "not logged in". 

Attached you'll see how the module looks like after loggin in with using Joomla username/password. Looks like the user did not log in and no logout button visible either. 

Second picture is the same thing by using Facebook login function. Now the same Social Login module shows the user as logged in and there is also logout button (kirjaudu ulos). 

I don't understand why the module does not show the user as logged in if the user uses Joomla credentials. 

Link is here:


Test first with Joomla credentials:

user demo/demo

After login in you will be redirected to another page, but go back to login page:


Now you see that the module shows you as not logged in.

Then user another browser and log in with Facebook user. After login in with Facebook user, go back to the login page and you see that now the social user login module shows you as logged in user. 

What am I doing wrong?


 - Anne

p.s. I did put on the cache for the site and for the module, but no change!


We are having these:

Status Nimi Sijainti Tyyppi Versio Päivämäärä Kirjoittaja Kansio Pakettitunnus ID
And Redirect plugin but that is not in use. 
  Social Login Ylläpito Komponentti 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek Ei käytettävissä 10263 10261
  Social Login Sivusto Moduuli 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek Ei käytettävissä 10263 10262
  Social Login Package Sivusto Paketti 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek Ei käytettävissä   10263
  User - Social Login Sivusto Liitännäinen 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek user   10312






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I'm sorry, extension is free, but support is not. I can look into this, but only as a paid service.

Either way, it uses default Joomla functions to register, login and logout.

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