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Force Complete Profile

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This plugin will force users to complete their profile according to rules set. Very useful, if you use authorization via social networks which usually generates random emails or usernames like "Name Surname".


Get more information and download extension here.

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Thank you for your reply
But I have this error message
, even leaving 'example\.com'

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash in /plugins/system/forcecompleteprofile/forcecompleteprofile.php on line 95


Is it because the php version is 5.3?

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Hey.  Love the plugin, but am getting a weird error.  When users login for the first time they are sometimes redirected to a white screen with the error: "array(0) {}".  In the Apache logs I am getting the frequent entry: "PHP Warning: preg_match(): Unknown modifier '*' in /www/leacock3/plugins/system/forcecompleteprofile/forcecompleteprofile.php on line 95, referer: http://stephenleacock.ca/index.php/moodle-menu/coursecategory/1-technology". I actually have hundreds of these entries in the log so it must be triggering everytime someone logs in.


My email rule is: .*\b(changeme)\b.*$


Any ideas?



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