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  1. First off, thanks for making this nice shoutbox! I wanted to set messages in ascending order, but the scrollbar still starts at the top. Is this a bug? Because I noticed that the demo chat starts at the bottom and seems to use a different scroll script. So I was wondering how to fix mine to match? Also, would it possible to add a navigation link to load previous and next messages? For example, say that you show 50 messages and have 200 messages total. At the beginning or end, you would have a "Previous" or "Next" link to load the next set of 50 messages. That way you're not missing any, or having to display too many, if there is a large history. Thanks!
  2. Hey, I had the same problem and I'm used to sending IP whitelist requests, but I can't find anything for BitNinja. My understanding of BitNinja is that the admin of the account, for the site in question, has to whitelist the IP themselves? I managed to get the Shoutbox running manually, by setting up a free Joomla server, saving the config, then manually importing the changes into my paid server's DB. I guess I'll just have to keep doing it that way, if I can't get a connection. Thanks!
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