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  1. Hi, struggling to set up any automated mailer. Is there any tutorial -- I probably overlooked them. I'm moving away from JMailAlerts extension (by TechJoomla dev) and I expect to set up a mailer that will watch new articles and send them around dependent on the user rights. A user will get notification on article(s) only if the user has access right (view) to the article. I have set up a Category named Test, but I do not see anywhere to choose a Joomla category from. Does Smart Mailer Category filter all of the Joomla categories, or does it completely disregard Joomla categories? Cron is setup at the hosting server. Test mode is activated, but no Queue is populated. The Check Queue gives error: `0 Call to a member function get() on null`
  2. Dear support, dear users, I'm struggling to create a newsletter so, that each time an article is (or more articles are) published a newsletter about it is issued. Is there any help page on the topic, please?
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