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  1. Alright sounds good to me, I think I will place my order and start this new journey, so tired of myBB.
  2. Meh, PHP ain't a problem for me, I should have phrased my question better - is it possible to create a child theme and make these kind of edits? I do not want to start creating custom modules and then have it overwritten when a new update is published. (I currently use myBB and phpBB so I might be stuck in the mindset of how they do things and this might come off as a stupid question from your perspective as a invision user). -- PS: Where is your forum hosted, I have used a few invision forums and they all feel dog slow to me, but I am not sure if it is because I sit in Cape Town and your forum and the invision demo forum sits in the other side of the world. To clarify, is sluggishness a known invision thing or is it just due to me sitting 400ms away and if I do a self-hosted solution this side my users should not experience it?
  3. Glad to found this site. I have a forum here: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/ which I wan to move across to invision. Problem is I want to have a header and footer block like I do currently. How difficult is the code for invision and do they allow you to remove the copyright?
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