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  1. It worked ok at first today but then the shipping options disappeared on the Links tab of the products. Additionally the batch update fails. I did not do any modifications. I did enable the quick checkout and then disabled it. No code modifications done.
  2. Thanks again. Works with standard checkout but not my Quick Checkout. Do you have a compatible recommendation for faster/one page checkout? Jack
  3. Thank you. I will work on that. First time I've had that has been an issue.
  4. Thank you for your assistance. All seems to be correct on install. When I changed from the quick checkout back to default check out I get an error on the delivery details step: Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_column() in /home2/jaxmusic/public_html/OpenCart/upload/catalog/model/module/productmethods.php on line 22 Thanks. Jack
  5. Hi. I purchased the Product Shipping and Payment Behavior extension. I have two products with free shipping and one product without. All three products have weight based shipping. However, it keeps the free shipping as an option. Shouldn't it default to the weight based shipping since all products in the baskets do not have free shipping? That is what I was lead to believe the behavior was from reading other forum posts. Thanks.
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