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  1. It it possible to allow clickable hyperlinks in shouts?
  2. Ok thanks I will look for a conflict. I've noticed that the submit button will blink once whenever the auto refresh time ticks over, e.g. if the auto refresh time is set to 10 seconds it will blink once every 10 seconds. Is this supposed to happen?
  3. I am using: Smart shoutbox 3.0.5 & Joomla 3.8.10 The green submit shout continuously blinks and it's popup message says 'please wait'. What does it mean when it does this? I am also getting lag when submitting shouts (using Enter key setting). Is this lag linked with the blinking?
  4. Thanks for replying. I have specific content and layout requirements where I need to be able to show a single chat category on an individual page. Is it possible to do it in v3 of Smart shoutbox? Or might it be a potential feature in future versions?
  5. I am wondering: is it possible to create links to individual categories and not use the standard tabbed category layout? I have Smart Shoutbox 2.9.5
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