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  1. OK posting mystery

    It seems that there is a post limit on big text.If we take away all except the first sentence the article does post.Perhps there is a limit that is not retuning an error.
  2. OK posting mystery

    Sorry for long reply, busy day at work. Here are screenshots.
  3. OK posting mystery

    It says success
  4. OK posting mystery

    We have a bit of a mystery. The post in the attached file is an article. When posting to ok.ru logs show as sucess. But there is no post number and the post does not appear. We have tried with word limit of 300 and 450 but no change. Facbook, vK and twitter work, the return a post number, also when the post contains an image. other posts on OK do work and return a post number. Any idea what can be wrong. okupost.txt
  5. VK and OK paramter problems.

    Do not see result of the meta tags. However the cron does not ive output but breaks down. Good thing is ok.ru is working perfect, which is most imporant. When there is a new question I will ask you. Thank you for your help, I appreciate you are replying at almost all hours.
  6. VK and OK paramter problems.

    Nearly there. Twitterm vKontate work. Odnoklassniki waiing for support to get in to office nad give permisions. Facebook does post but without image. We try a animated gif of 3Mb. Is this permission problem or other problem?
  7. VK and OK paramter problems.

    Sorry for mistakes in spelling. Am I corrct you use Google translate and can not read English? If os I will ask a friend to translate to Russian. I thank you for fast answers and will not give up until all works perfct.
  8. VK and OK paramter problems.

    Update: a server restart did ause some progress. vKontakte is now posting, after the firt issue was solved there was an error in group permissions which was solvd by recreating the app. Odnoklassniki I will wait for the support to handle the permissions mail and see if after that things will work if not go over all parameters again. Twitter posted once and then went back to global error 32. Bck to the drawing board and re-check all.
  9. VK and OK paramter problems.

    While I can make errors, copyng and pasting keys and ensuring no spacs are eft is not something I usually do wrong. Twitter also refused authentication, where as on th test site it worked without an issue. When searching the error on Google I came to something that seems a recurring issue: time. According to the article the OAuth method includes a time. The server of the website is located in France. The test site had no time correction however the main site is on Moscow time. Both sites are on similar though separate virtual machines running on the same dedicated server. I upgraded ntp in order to see if that solves the issue. The test site and main do have different twitter accounts, but the app settings are equal and I have ensured once again no spaces or other things are present on either side of anz of the keys. Any suggetions ?
  10. Having started wit Twitter, things there work reat. However to get vKontakte and Odnoklassniki working eems to b a bit more challenging. vKontakte: I have followed the setup istrucions twice, but still get this error: User fetching error: User authorization failed: invalid access_token (4). I am attaching screenshot of the VK settings, please see what should be changed Odnoklassniki: As they do not wrk on Saturday, the error may be in the support needing to add the permssions as mentioned in the setup instructions. However I am unsure that not something else maz be wrong. The current error is: Token retrieval failed: Invalid request parameters Also screenshot of settings attached.
  11. Delayed publishing

    I already found the solution so for others who might experienc the same I will write it. In my case the time of the website was not set properly to adjust the server time. As a result the delayd published items poped up an hour later.as expected. Still learning the omponent but I am happy with it so far.
  12. Delayed publishing

    Hi, just started with zour comonent and first results are very good. On my site we often prepare a number of articles in advande to be published at a later time. When I save an article that is published instantly it goesto pending itms. However articles that are publised at a later time do not get processed as pending or posted. Probablz I am missing a seting. Could you help me ?