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  1. Hi, after Update to 3.0.5 icons will not apear, i think same problem as at last update. greetings steffi
  2. Steffi

    A few ideas

    Hello, there is a misunderstanding. I do not mean a Who is online module for the complete page. I would like a module to indicate who, say in the last twenty minutes, was online on the chat page. I have no idea if you can use the Joomla module in this way. Some time ago I had a chat that had such a module and showed the users if someone is active in the chat, I wish that again. I run a small retro style community, in the past many chats had such an ad. In the last few years, I have tried pretty much every available classic Joomla chat, all with regular use have serious quirks. Smart Schoutbox makes a very good impression as a chat so far. Where we are already on the subject of wishes for a new version. Maybe you could also incorporate a color management or different skins with light and dark colors. I suffer from an eye disease that makes it difficult to read on a white background, with dark backgrounds I get along much better. Greeting Steffi
  3. Hi, I have two Ideas for the next Version if Smart Shoutbox Chat. - Is it possible to integrate a Function to delete Attachments from Database? If all Shouts will be deleted there still the Attachments with ID in Database and the Attachments will added to Shouts with same ID. - Very interesting for me is a “Who is online” Module to show Visitors (Members) at Mainpage in a Module. Greeting Steffi
  4. Hi, I've the same problem Steffi
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