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  1. Thank you again for you're answer. Yes I think also that there is a conflict with some other installation, but all the other Installation I need. It don't helps if it works on a clear install, this I believe that it will be so. I think that for you as founder or programmer it will be interest why or with what it not works and solve this Problem. Yes I disable Helix3 (It's a Template what not is active) and I dont know what I have to ask my Hoster?? The Side works an i can send from every Application, also all registration information with al other products is not a problem. So I dont can use you're Produkt, I install now JChatSocial Enterprise it works very fine with no problem. Please refund the the Order, Thank You, Tom Peter
  2. What support this is, I just read always reinstall, reinstall this is not a solution. A lot of people have this problem and you don`t like to look at it. I don't will setup my side complete new for a chat? I don't can see that you are interest in your costumers.
  3. I do this manny times and it not works can by that Helix 3 block it? I can send you a login also than you can look directly
  4. Please for Help, i was reading everything about this theme in the forum but nothing helps. If i place in Option - Admin - License ID - the Order ID (4 digs Nummer) I always geht the message: License check failed: post data is missing or empty. I install now more time and try now several time but it don't works my Version is 3.0.3. Please help to solve the Problem, Thank You Tom Peter
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