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  1. ok that was the confusion. Thank you for your time and patience. I am back up and running now but the issue was with the shouts. Wherever I published the module the page it was on would not load and just give a white screen. I noticed this white screen also happened when I would chose to view all shouts on one page in the back end. I had to unpublish my main category which had 28000 shouts and create a new one. And sure enough it worked. Might be something to note for the future. On a side note I love shoutbox and it is so useful for my business. 28,000 comments in 6 months says it all.
  2. The order id? the 4 digit number? the id that was in previously was a long number
  3. Thank you. I cannot figure out where to get the license id. Could you point me in the right direction?
  4. Indeed it did. Thank you. I am now getting the following error: License check failed: order not found. Check your license ID. I copy and pasted the id before I uninstalled shoutbox so I presume my backup is right but I can't remember where to access it from my purchase 6 months ago to verify. I purchased another 6 months order 3972 to try and get up and running but alas it is waiting for approval.
  5. I am sorry but it is not working. Cleared all the cache. Can I be test another key? Can I purchase another and put it in. Where can I find my key details?
  6. ok well the the download again is now installed but I still get the license error attached
  7. redownloaded and installed on top. It didnt work and now the options page does not load in the backend. is it v3.0.3 I should be downloading? If I remove and reinstall will I lose all shouts? I have 30,000 shouts that I would like to keep.
  8. Hi, Any page I place the shoutbox module on my site does not load and stays white. When I look in the back end I see the attached error. License check failed: post data is missing or empty. I still have 3 weeks left on my license. Can I extend my license automatically? Can I backup all my shouts? Will anything be lost in extension of a license? Any help is appreciated. Regards, Chris
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