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  1. IPS Recent Topics Plugin

    Thank you for quick answer The Krotek. For example this is the topic link on homepage: https://thekrotek.com/forum/topic/1014-ips-recent-topics-plugin The URL structure for topic links are something like that I guess: http://site/forum/topic/topicid-topicname I don't have mod_rewrite enabled (so friendly urls) The only way that I can access the forum topic is like this way: http://localhost/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=topicid Do you know how can I enable those links in my test forum like in your forum? Thanks
  2. IPS Recent Topics Plugin

    Also tag links are not working. Check your homepage. There is a post with tag opencart. When I click that tag link it goes to "https://thekrotek.com/forum/tags/opencart" But its not either working on your site/forum :)
  3. IPS Recent Topics Plugin

    But links are not working. My test website doesn't have any friendly urls (mod_rewrite) So topic links etc. are not working for me.
  4. Hello, I have couple of questions. 1- Is your plugin compatible with Invision Community 4.2.6 ? https://thekrotek.com/wordpress-extensions/ipsrecent Lots of things changed since your plugin. I want to be sure that it is compatible with 4.2.6 version. 2- I think its better to use IPB classes to query forum topics. I've checked your code. Because DB structure can be changed but classes will provide same functionality (recent topics) Will you update your plugin to use IPB classes? Thanks