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  1. hide search section

  2. hide search section

    How to hide "search by filter" section (above shoutbox)?
  3. Actually is happening to me, too. I cant save the options. Please check it
  4. shoutbox +3rd component

    Hi, I use the smartshoutbox as a component with a menu directing my users to its frontend, and as a module,a dropdown module. With the module i have some problems. when is activated it messes up jomsocial editor. This is the answer received from their support: "The problem is from the smart shout component on your site. it's overriding the Tiny MCE editor and adding its own classes over the editor"
  5. Not big deal, but if you hit the reply button in shoutbox the cursor will be set to be before the name of the user you want to reply to, and not after. You can, of course, change the position with one click, but it would be better if the cursor will be positioned by default after the name followed by comma, allowing the users to write the reply whithout needing to change the cursor position, first. so, not cursor ( | ) Name, but Name, | But as I said, no big deal. I would like though to change it, but I dont know how :)
  6. Romanian language

    Yes, I will do it. I really like your work. this shoutbox looks great. So elegant and well done.
  7. Before purchasing

    I will have to pay for this every x month (like shoutbox) in order to be able to save the settings in admin pannel?
  8. Romanian language

    Hier is the romanian language file for shoutbox. ro-RO.com_smartshoutbox.ini
  9. Word breaking

    if you write something on a few rows, the shoutbox will break the word instead of putting the whole word on the next row if there is not enough space for it. any way to fix it?
  10. Date in shoutbox

    Its there an option to remove the date in shoutbox, or at least to have only the hour and minute of posting? The date occupy to much space ( taking into consideration the purpose of shoutbox on my site). Thanks in advance!
  11. I see on your site that there is a reply function. How could I activate that?
  12. Hi, I have a problem with the avatar not showing in shouts area and too small down. the image will explain it better: