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  1. Really? The smart shoutbox looks like it used the shoutbox (chat that proboard uses as a plugin) as a bases for it's code with way more customization. proboards is a free forum platform. As a user/admin of one, I can't make any updates to the actual admin panel, but if this was or can be built into a plugin then that may be possible. Alright, well. what exactly do I get when I purchase? do I have access to the coding so that I can copy paste it?
  2. I am interested in the smart shoutbox, but before purchasing I would like to know what exactly I get after purchasing because I want to make sure that I can use if on a proboard forum. Is it a pbp file that I can install on proboards as a plugin? Is it coding or a script for the smart shoutbox that can copypaste into the location of the proboard that I want it in? What are the file types that I receive after purchasing? thanks
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