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  1. Pour mes compatriotes francophones Voici un fichier "FR" du chat en frontend. Il n'est pas completement traduit mais c'est un bon départ si vous souhaitez souver du temps. Juste à placer ce fichier dans votre dossier "language/fr-FR" de votre site Joomla. Vous pouvez le modifier à votre convenance ;) fr-FR.com_smartshoutbox.ini
  2. I try to disable the global chat button in the module but I do not know how. With 2.0 I could. Is this normal or is it me? The only thing I found is in the component options. (Chat Buttons) I only activated the smileys and refresh buttons but it does not change anything. The "Global Chat" still there.
  3. After installed the new beta version, we have to refresh after each messages. So, my reply was not Outdated. Test by your self to my test web site ! I have deleted cache on chrome and into the web site. Google chrome Thanks
  4. Sorry. I had to miss your ad on this fix. Do I have access to this new version to test it?
  5. # 1 : A guest can send as many messages as he / she wants but he / she must refresh the page after each message. # 2 : A registered member can not send a message. When the member click on "send button", nothing happens and the "send button" remains on "wait" So by instinct, we refresh the page and we get this error message: # 1146 Table 'tiburnco_jos1. # __ smartshoutbox_users' does not exist And if a member sends a message, nobody can later. All this on a website created with the latest Joomla version and the Beez3 template My PHP version is the latest version 7.1. Everything tested with Google Chrome No components, plugins or modules installed on the Test site. To test the shoutbox: http://tiburn.com/Test-joomla/ And if you want to test in backend, you have the infos by e-mail. I'm even ready to give you the info of my CPanel if you want. I have not made any false movements or broken my site because it's a test web site. Installed only to test your Beta version. Thanks again. Sorry for my english and i'm not a good site manager, so thanks for your patience.
  6. Hmmmm I like that ;) if you can make that i will be very happy :P If you can make it i will give you my account info. Because for this forum its my Facebook account and its not the same of my Order account :P
  7. Hi, Its me again lol ;) On mobile version, we don't see who published the shouts...A way to change that ? A lot of my membres use mobile and its not friendly user when we don't know who send a message. (Ok i know i can click on REPLY TO USER but its will be better if we see the name on first look.) Thx again ;) Keep in touch !!
  8. Sorry Krotek thats work ... My bad I changed the Default Avatar of Kunena. But when i took a custom Avatar thats work. Thx again for your support ;)
  9. I don't have this option ! ? I only have "Use Profile" And thats not load the avatar of Kunena THX ;)
  10. Hi again ;) Is there a way to have the Kunena avatars that are linked to our accounts? Thx !
  11. Thx Krotek you was right. I got a countdown into this page. I unpublished it and its ok now ;) Thx for the support.
  12. Hi, Nothing appears when we click on the smiley icon into my chat module. Thx ;)
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