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  1. It's okay now, thanks. Although it's not the best idea to change the code without new version number? Anyway, at least the plugin works now as expected.
  2. Thank you for the new version - the "all articles" issue is fixed now. But unfortunately the duplicates in the search results still are not. Further investigation: articles which are modified by another author than the one who created the article, are shown twice. As written before the duplicates are produced from the user related statements in the select query, ON (u.`id` = a.`created_by` OR u.`id` = a.`modified_by`) Could you please check this and fix.
  3. So I have checked it again - same result. It makes no difference - also if I uninstall all other search plugins: as soon as I activate the "search area option" in Joomla, so that the user can filter the search results (which makes obviously no sense if I have only one search plugin activated - just for testing) and the user chooses "All articles" for his search, the result page is broken with the above mentioned error message.
  4. Hm, no effect unfortunately. I could try to delete the other search plugins on my local system. I will try later and let you know. The error is appears after a click on "all articles" -> searchword=suchwort&ordering=newest&searchphrase=all&areas[0]=content_all
  5. I could reproduce it on another joomla site (newest joomla version 3.7.3), but the error doesn't really help: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')) AND c.`published` = 1 AND a.`access` IN (1,5) AND a.`state` IN (1) AND u.`id`' at line 1 MySQL Server-Version: 5.7.9
  6. I've got also the problem with the duplicate content in search results. My investigation shows that it is produced from the user related statements in the select query. If I change the select query in this way: SELECT a.`id`, a.`alias`, a.`catid`, a.`state`, a.`language`, a.`created`, a.`images`, a.`featured`, CONCAT(a.`introtext`, a.`fulltext`) AS `text`, a.`title`, a.`metadesc`, a.`metakey`, c.`title` AS `category`, c.`alias` AS `catalias`, c.`description`, c.`params`, c.`metadesc` AS `catmetadesc`, c.`metakey` AS `catmetakey` FROM sen25_content AS a LEFT JOIN sen25_categories AS c ON (c.`id` = a.`catid` AND c.`access` IN (1,4)) WHERE ((a.`title` LIKE LOWER(_utf8 '%word%')) OR (a.`introtext` LIKE LOWER(_utf8 '%word%')) OR (a.`fulltext` LIKE LOWER(_utf8 '%word%'))) AND c.`published` = 1 AND a.`access` IN (1,4) AND a.`state` IN (1) AND a.`catid` NOT IN (37,136,97,83,123,125,36,95,96,134,135,52,92,131,84,86,54,46,122,53) AND (a.`publish_up` = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR a.`publish_up` <= '2017-07-06 09:30:08') AND (a.`publish_down` = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR a.`publish_down` >= '2017-07-06 09:30:08') AND a.`language` IN ('de-DE', '*') AND c.`language` IN ('de-DE', '*') GROUP BY a.`id`, a.`title`, a.`metadesc`, a.`metakey`, a.`created`, a.`introtext`, a.`fulltext`, c.`title`, a.`alias`, c.`alias`, c.`id` ORDER BY c.`title` ASC, a.`title` ASC LIMIT 0, 10 everything works fine. In my opinion, the user related statements are not necessary or the select query has to be corrected. Another big problem: I have other Search Plugin activated (Virtuemart and Download). If the user is searching only in content area (... &areas[0]=content_all) by clicking the "All articles" option, a blank screen with error (in your sql syntax near ...) is shown. Could you please check this as soon as possible? Thanks! Besides of these bugs I am pleased by the possibility to exclude articles of certain categories - this works like a charm.
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