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  1. I am trying to install the shipping and payment mod which instructions say I need to install the VQ integrated MOD which I believe I have done, the fix mod which won't install and then your MOD
  2. The file name is: opencart_2.3_compatibility_fixes.ocmod.xml
  3. The readme says: I've checked, theses three files have been uploaded, and I've pressed the refresh button, but I still can't upload .xml extensions
  4. I am trying to Install Product Shipping and Payments, from what I can see, I need to do a number of things to do this: Install Integrated VQmod for OpenCart 2 - I believe I have followed these steps Install OpenCart Fixes - The extension installer says File not Found if I try uploading the xml and Invalid File Type if I try uploading the Zip file What have I done wrong please?
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