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  1. Alright, thanks. I just need the steam login. It would need to get username, userimage, steamid and steamid64. I dont think you need to display steamid's anywhere but it would be great if they just got stored somehow for later use(so i can make a button that links to their profile for example). I think you can get some other stats from public steam profiles like number of games, hours played etc. Altho I don't think those even matters in this case. And oh its important that steam username and userimage update on each login(if changed).
  2. Alright I bought it. It will work seamlessly with Kunena, right?
  3. So if I buy it now it will get done sooner?
  4. Any time frame for release date ?
  5. Would you consider adding steam login for social login extension? If you do so soon I will def buy it :)