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  1. Awesome. Thanks. Altho just because you follow framework regulations and done it "properly" does not mean that is what your customers need. Are you selling something that is actually useful or just pretty pictures? Its not about my vision and my rights, it is about my experience. I am a steam user, I've ran steam communities, I know a lot of people who run steam communities so I know what will work and what wont. It is about that, especially now that you advertise that Social Login supports Steam if you don't update it to work as I described, a lot of people who buy it will be disappointed.
  2. As long as generated email is not in a format that can be exploited - it will be fine. It is not a problem of how long it takes, problem is targeted audience and usability. Should I go into detail why Steam Login needs to be done this way? Basically, when I visit my website I want to see a steam button. I click it and it creates account for me and signs me in through steam. No complication no nothing. Just simple OpenID login so that only person who owns the steam account can access the appropriate account on the website that's all.
  3. Fair enough but you are wrong on point 4. Just go check OneAll for Joomla or Steam Login for MyBB and how it works. Yes Joomla REQUIRES email like any other system but it doesn't mean you cant bypass it. Just generate a fake email unique to each user. That is exactly how every other Steam Login I encountered worked so far and that is what I expected.
  4. Issues: http://prntscr.com/fggm9p 1. Steam Icon doesn't work. Also it would be nice if there was a way to change icon itself. 2. Ok first you never disclosed before buying that license is only 6 months then I have to buy again(its practically a subscription based system), second you stamp "Powered by The Krotek" everywhere? That is just rude, I paid for your addon I don't want to advertise for you too. Please make a way to disable branding. 3. My steam username is NOT steam76561198094236760 4. Whole point of Steam Login is to bypass need for email and sign in directly through steam. If you check any other Steam Login system you will see that this is how it works. If it needs an account to merge with then there is no point. It just complicates the registration process.
  5. I did re download it but it didnt work, altho I did it again now and it worked. So problem solved I guess.
  6. I reinstalled joomla and cleared my cache - issue persists. I didn't have this issue with any other addons.
  7. I re downloaded and tried re installing - still have the same issue. Am I doing it right? I go extensions, install then upload file and i upload the zip file i downloaded. After its done it redirects me to that same broken page and trying to go to social login options gives same result.
  8. Hello. I forgot to follow this topic. Anyway I installed it but I am not sure it works. Here is when I try to access component options http://prntscr.com/fetsia
  9. Alright, thanks. I just need the steam login. It would need to get username, userimage, steamid and steamid64. I dont think you need to display steamid's anywhere but it would be great if they just got stored somehow for later use(so i can make a button that links to their profile for example). I think you can get some other stats from public steam profiles like number of games, hours played etc. Altho I don't think those even matters in this case. And oh its important that steam username and userimage update on each login(if changed).
  10. Alright I bought it. It will work seamlessly with Kunena, right?
  11. So if I buy it now it will get done sooner?
  12. Any time frame for release date ?
  13. Would you consider adding steam login for social login extension? If you do so soon I will def buy it :)
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