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  1. I'm quite sure that my server is configured correctly since it has worked in the past. I haven't made any changes to the server. All I have done is keeping my extensions updated. Anyway, I tried to reinstall the plugin again and now it works?!? I haven't done any other changes and when i tried to reinstall it this morning it didn't help. This is extremely weird. Anyway, since it is working now I'm all happy. But I do feel a bit stressed by the fact that search results on my website just disappeared all of a sudden without any prior notice. Is there any way to get a notice if the background licence check fails? Search is quite important so getting it up and running fast is quite important :) By the way, how does it work after the license expires 08.11.2017, will it stop rendering search results after that or is it that i won't be able to download new releases? Is there an option to buy a life time subscription so that I don't have to worry about search results going missing? Best regards, Rikard
  2. It appears that the problem is because of the license field. I was able to get the license code saved on my development server and then it started working again. I still can't get it to work on my production site however, I have removed the license key from my dev server and replaced it with a . but when I try to enter the correct code on my production site it just gets blanked out.
  3. Hi I've been using the Content Search Pro for a while and it has always been working but for some reason it appears to have stopped working since it gives me "No search results found" regardless of what I search for. I have of course added search fields and display areas. I have also set a few categories to exclude. In short, I have the same settings I have always had and that I know use to work. I have updated Joomla and my other plugins but I have not introduced any new extensions. I have tried to reinstall this plugin but it doesn't work. I have also downloaded the latest version and tried that one as well but It didn't work either. In the backend it throws me this error: "Invalid field: License ID". I have tried to add my download id there but it is just removed, I then tried my order number but that was blanked out as well. When I switch back to the standard joomla search that one works. Best regards, Rikard
  4. Hi Yes, I did that, the images look good, but some items don't have intro images set for a reason and then the full image is used in the search result and that image is sometimes 1920 x 1000px and scaled down to 200x and that can make the rendering slower than it need to be. Anyway, I commented out the section that fetch the image_fulltext in the contentpro.php --- /* elseif (!empty($images->image_fulltext)) $article->thumb = $images->image_fulltext; */ --- So now it works the way I want to, this change will of course be rendered useless after I update the plugin so if there is a smarter way to do this, please enlighten me. Best regards, Rikard
  5. Hi I have installed the Content search pro and updated my default_results.php (I use a yootheme template) so that it fetches an image for me to use in my template and it works very well. Now I wonder if there is a way to only fetch the image if it is an intro image. Right now if my articles don't have intro images but full article image, that large image is fetched instead. This is of course great most of the time, but I have some large article images that I would rather not fetch during a search if it is possible to avoid it. I use the Following code: 'image' => isset($result->thumb) ? htmlspecialchars($result->thumb) : '' Best regards, Rikard
  6. That's great :D I haven't used it for long but it really do what I want it to so I'm bent to agree with you :)
  7. Hi and thank you It's very strange that I get the duplicates when I use the content search pro but not when I use the regular search so I investigated further and I found out that is is actually the joomla tags that are bugging. I looked at all my duplicated content, it was 2 articles, when I removed the tags from them and then reassigned the same tags they were no longer duplicated in the search results. Even if this has nothing to do with this plugin I thought it be good to inform you just in case someone else has the same problem. Best regards, Rikard
  8. Hi I'm using the content search pro and when I search i get duplicates in the search results. Is there perhaps a settings somewhere that I have overlooked? I can't find anything in the forum or documentation about this. When I switch back to the original content search I don't get duplicates. Best regards Rikard
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