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  1. A few ideas for Smart Shoutbox

    Great to hear about having a private chat in a future update/upgrade. I have multiple users that like to select their own font color when they are in the chat room. This way as long as they stay in chat, all of their messages will stay the color they selected (or until they change colors again). So when I log into chat I select 'Blue' as my text color and all of my messages stay in 'Blue'. Not only is this a personal preference, but it helps to visually separate my messages from others. One other question. In chat options I selected 'Community Builder' for the user profiles. I am on Community Builder 2.1.2. We are getting a '500 error' when clicking on the Community Building Avatar in chat. Do you know how I can fix this? Thank you, John
  2. A few ideas for Smart Shoutbox

    Just purchased Smart Shoutbox last week and I have been testing it out for my site. No big issues, learning as I go. I have had chat apps on my site for the past 7 years and Smart Shoutbox is replacing Kide Pro Chat that I have now. Is there a way to retain the text color/font size that the user can select? Currently you have to highlight the text to change the color/font size, and you have to do this every time you send a message. Is there a way to chat privately with another user? I know you can address another user, but that is not private. Thanks, John.