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  1. Stevan Vampola

    All in One Shipping configuration

    Finally it works. Thank you very much for your help. I uploaded Opencart version in a hurry - because I was going on a trip for few days, and it worked just the same as it used cashed files. Today when I opened admin, I have noticed that something was wrong and find out that VQMOD wasn't activated. ( shame on me ) Anyway, I used your method configuration and now it works. Thank you once more.
  2. Stevan Vampola

    All in One Shipping configuration

    Sorry to say, that I didn't get the proper result. What I tried is to update opencart version - and have installed your 2.2.1 extension version and ... nothing happened. I have all the same result. When I choose Only first match it works as I choose ONLY FIRST PRIORITY METHOD - no matter which is first but which one has priority. For example if I give priority 1 to flat and 2 to laptop battery - it will be flat even if the product is laptop battery and vice versa.
  3. Stevan Vampola

    All in One Shipping configuration

    OK, I tried a new settings, and, made a few various settings. But it's all the same. If I use "Only the first match" I always get the only first tab method - in the last setup I put the flat method in the first tab, and as the second tab - laptop - and the result was always = flat method, even if I checkout the laptop battery. I included screenshot as You asked. NOTE: If it's more convenient I can send you temporary admin user name and pass, so that you can check yourself. I only need a private e-mail.
  4. Stevan Vampola

    All in One Shipping configuration

    Hello, Well, I'd like my checkout page to show ONLY matching shipping methods. For example, if customer buy laptop battery ( which I want to ship free for Serbia ), shipping method should be "free for laptop battery", but if customer buy any other product that don't belong to laptop category, to show "one day shipping" with cost of 208.33 RSD + tax 20% = 250 RSD in total. And those are conditions only for Serbia For foreign countries, I configured shipping method based on weight - and it works fairly OK.
  5. Stevan Vampola

    All in One Shipping configuration

    I'm sending you the checkout page screenshot - ( on shopping cart page estimate shipping tab is showing just the same - only "free for laptop batteries" when I get quote for Country - Serbia and region - Belgrade. Having in mind that both ( laptop and SLA belong to the same main category - Batteries , I've tried different products that belong to Miscellaneous category, but with the same result - I got "free for laptop batteries" choice for the shipping fee. If I configure - Display mode to All matching methods - it shows all of them. But with - Only first match - it shows as "Only first method"
  6. Stevan Vampola

    All in One Shipping configuration

    Hello, For Laptop method, I use Category based rules. Can be a problem if laptop is subcategory ? I don't use multiple categories.