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  1. Hello, My company recently purchased this extension and have some issues during configuration. 1. I want to sell laptop batteries with free shipping, and other products with flat rate. So I configured this two methods, and it works fine. BUT, when somebody bye laptop I want only that one method to be shown, the same with other product. If customer bye NiCd battery, I don't wont "free laptop battery" method to be shown. In general configuration I choose Only first match, but it keeps showing all matching methods thought NiCd battery has nothing to do with laptop Category, and I don't want customer to be in position to choose the wrong shipping method. In short - my issue is that I can't reduce the choice of methods to Only first match. My working website: www.telit.co.rs/ocart2 Opencart version:, with Technopolis template, and your 2.2.0 version of All in One Shipping Thanks in advance for any help NOTE: Laptop free - is for Serbia only.
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