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  1. Smartbox 3.0 - some issues

    Ok. Thank you. It left me only to stay with your previous version. Maybe sometimes I will sort it out.
  2. Smartbox 3.0 - some issues

    Ok, I will try, but I'm not sure if it is related to CSS so I wanted you only to check in browser inspector. I did as you said but without success. I removed all files (administrator, frontend and cache) but after new instalation I stiil had the error. After removing tables from MySql the problem vanished. Maybe it's not related but it helped me.
  3. Smartbox 3.0 - some issues

    You are for sure an expert but I have only basic knowledge of PHP and CSS. I spent many hours and haven't found any CSS classes which overwriten "trumbowyg" class. All classes come from smart shoutbox component. Could you only take a look for my test website? https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/qwerty/ I had to remove all smart_shoutbox tables from MySql and the problem was solved.
  4. Smartbox 3.0 - some issues

    Hello again Again I tried to set your new component and modules on my site without success. 1) Last time you advised me to look for css which overwrite trumbowyg styles (I can't see icons in editor). I can't find solution. Should I look for template css, editor? 2) I put a menu with COM_SMARTSHOUTBOX_ARCHIVE under a chat (to me is a strange method because I have to put 2 modules at ones: chat and archive module) I get error "0 - Call to a member function get() on null" details: RuposTel OPC plugin detected a problem with your site.Your site caused a blank screen upon a visit of this URL:https://e-dziewiarka.pl:443/qwerty/index.php?option=com_smartshoutbox&task=getshoutsError message data:64 require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/admin/domains/e-dziewiarka.pl/public_html/qwerty/components/SHCOMPONENT/models/main.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php70/lib/php') in file: /home/admin/domains/e-dziewiarka.pl/public_html/qwerty/components/com_smartshoutbox/controller.php line: 25 timestamp: 2017-08-24T14:04:28+00:00 joomla 3.5.7 php 7.0.12 MySql 5.5.36 Radek
  5. Smartbox 3.0 - some issues

    I have emailed you account details to check it. Sorry I have a problem with finding filters. Where are they because I can't see them. Meybe it is because of lack of images in editor. Yea. I have installed plugin and it works perfectly. radek
  6. Smartbox 3.0 - some issues

    Hello again I solved 2 problems so I think this module is grate. AD.2 I can change username only when I'm logged in as superuser (I have rights to it). It's grate because in previous version I had to relogin. now I can just simply change my username. AD. 3. In editor buttons I found how to put the link. Unfortunatelly I can't see editor buttons :-/ a) Is it possible to put clickable link without using editor button? In this option I find too many fields so I'm sure my older customers won't know how to use it. There are: URL, Title, Text, Target. When I put link only in URL field then nothing appears. When I put link i TITLE or TEXT field then info appears that URL is requied (grate but it should appears when you forget to put something in TEXT field) ) I want to remove customer thumbs but I don't know how. Radek
  7. Hello The Krotek I have installed new version on test site and I have so issues: I attached screen shot to show how I can see: 1) I put link but it's not cklickable. I don't have idea how to solve it. 2) I dont want to give my users the option to change their nicks. I want them to use their own joomla usernames only. How can I block it. 3) I can see editor but as it is showed at the screen shot. I think something is wrong 4) There is in admin panel a field with licence key. Does it mean when my subscription seas then shoutbox will stop working? 5) I haven't found history button. Where is it? For now it is all. With best wishes Radek
  8. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    Hello again I have not checked 3.0 version yet but in 2.0 I got big problem so maybe it might be solved in new version: 1) In 2.0 I don't have control over images my customers put into the chat. They can put big images about 4MB or bigger. All images are stored on server in "public_html/media/smartshoutbox/". Images take lot space so I removed the older. After a while my server become overloaded and was killed (my server is strong and dedicated for me). I didn't know what happened but I resized deleted images and uploaded them back again on server. Server started working properly again. I think joomla couldn't find deleted images and this is why the problem appeard. Conlusion: - There is a problem with big images in chat (too much space is taken) - It would be nice in 3 version to have possibility to resize images on flight in order to save space and the server bandwidth Radek
  9. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    it's sent
  10. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    I wanted only to say that I copied link from browser and put it (the same from clipboard) in 2 places (chat and forum). On chat is shown badly and on forum is OK
  11. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    OK, I showed you 2.0 because I can't download and test 3.0 can I?
  12. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    It's a little bit strange that in the chat the same link is shown as " https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/sklep/w%C5%82%C3%B3czki/w%C5%82%C3%B3czki-we%C5%82niane" and in this place is shown correctly: https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/qwerty/sklep/włóczki-wełniane
  13. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    Exactly this. There is no place to show everything, and If the message is devided into 2 lines it might solve the problem.
  14. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    It is the most imported thing to me. My customers very often copy links from browser and put it in the chat without success.
  15. Smart Shoutbox 3.0 is coming!

    And it would be perfect to be able to put this chat in narrow column. Now it doesn't look perfect on such narrow space as mobile phones. I use to have much worse Ajax Chat but one thing was nice. First was presented nick with message time and below the main message: radosc 21.07 14:10 bla bla blaaaaa