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  1. If I could suggest, it would be nice option not to give customer any option to put date in wrong format and instead of it give them just calendar in order to point exact date.. Radek
  2. Thank you for your help. Css is changed and now it looks much better (to me). In case of the error, I put there any number so probably this is why I got error. On the other hand my customers could put there any chars so it was more save to turn this option off. I will wait for maybe calendar view instead of input box. Radek
  3. Hi Your component is adopted well by my customers but There are some problems: 1) Is there an option not to divide whole words? It's very strange to read shouts like this: "whole word whole wor d whole word whole w ord" 2) olish letters in shouts are showed well but there are save in MySql in state like this: "jak mogę się czymś pochwalić" but it should be saved like: "jak mogę; się czymś; pochwalić" This is a problem because I can't use option "search" I mean system can't find in databese such chain "mogę" because there is "mogę" 3) The same problem is with putting links in shout box. This link is not proper in shout box: https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/aktualnosci/5-firmowe/news/5146-oferta-na-włóczki-garnstudio-drops because there is a Polish letter "ó" and the link is broken 4) searching by time doesn't work at all and I get error" 0 - DateTimeZone::__construct(): Unknown or bad timezone () Joomla 3.6.5 MySql 5.5.36-log PHP 7.0.12 Radek
  4. Ok. I solved problem. My browser cached it. radek I have translated language file. If you want to have it: pl-PL.com_smartshoutbox.ini pl-PL.mod_smartshoutbox.ini It's a great component, I would like to thank you for it. I have tested it and put on live site. I'm very happy. Thank you. Is there option not to divide words? lik e thi s
  5. hello the Krotek I have one problem with changing some colors in module by editing components/com_smartshoutbox/assets/css/style.css. Any changes in this file don't reflect at the website. I can even delete style.css and nothing happens. How to change colors? Radek
  6. Ok, thank you, I got it. radek
  7. I try and can't get in. What's more, when I click on "The Ktotek" I get error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getTimestamp() on null in /home/provitil/public_html/thekrotek/forum/system/Content/Search/Results.php on line 388 Ok. I think that account for forum and your website is not the same so I probably have 2 different accounts.
  8. Now I can see :) I'm a little confused because I don't know why I can't log in to your website. Login module is working but nothing is happen. I bought your module (without login) by payPal but how I can get it? Radek
  9. <-- there is a lack of image :-) ... ok i'm going to checkout and I will test your module
  10. Ok, I'm buying but why I can't see the smile above?
  11. Hi I'm wondering on changing shout box on your component but I don't know: - is there possibility to send messages without 'send button' (by clicking enter button only) - can I set up 2 modules in different possitions with the same shouts/messages? Radek