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  1. Hello again I have not checked 3.0 version yet but in 2.0 I got big problem so maybe it might be solved in new version: 1) In 2.0 I don't have control over images my customers put into the chat. They can put big images about 4MB or bigger. All images are stored on server in "public_html/media/smartshoutbox/". Images take lot space so I removed the older. After a while my server become overloaded and was killed (my server is strong and dedicated for me). I didn't know what happened but I resized deleted images and uploaded them back again on server. Server started working properly again. I think joomla couldn't find deleted images and this is why the problem appeard. Conlusion: - There is a problem with big images in chat (too much space is taken) - It would be nice in 3 version to have possibility to resize images on flight in order to save space and the server bandwidth Radek
  2. it's sent
  3. I wanted only to say that I copied link from browser and put it (the same from clipboard) in 2 places (chat and forum). On chat is shown badly and on forum is OK
  4. OK, I showed you 2.0 because I can't download and test 3.0 can I?
  5. It's a little bit strange that in the chat the same link is shown as " https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/sklep/w%C5%82%C3%B3czki/w%C5%82%C3%B3czki-we%C5%82niane" and in this place is shown correctly: https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/qwerty/sklep/włóczki-wełniane
  6. Exactly this. There is no place to show everything, and If the message is devided into 2 lines it might solve the problem.
  7. It is the most imported thing to me. My customers very often copy links from browser and put it in the chat without success.
  8. And it would be perfect to be able to put this chat in narrow column. Now it doesn't look perfect on such narrow space as mobile phones. I use to have much worse Ajax Chat but one thing was nice. First was presented nick with message time and below the main message: radosc 21.07 14:10 bla bla blaaaaa
  9. Please improve links. It doesn't work https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/sklep/włóczki/włóczki-wełniane all the best Radek
  10. Hi 1) I logout and login as "radosc" and still I'm visible as "Vaughn". I understand that data are kept in cookies but I think it's a litlle bit strange. 2) I put message and again it appeard after 1 minute. My connection is quite fast as in attached file 3) Sometimes I can't send next message without reloading page. 4) Sound icon is with 1 line when it sounds loudly and with 3 lines when is quiet. It should be reverted.
  11. Hi I tested for 3 minutes and I found some issues. To be able to send next message I had to reload page. (19.07.2017, 11:38) Vaughn the same is with sending message by icon. Ok I noticed that my message popped up after a minute or so. (19.07.2017, 11:37) Vaughn another issue: when I send message by Ctrl+Enter I can't see my message. I have to reload page. (19.07.2017, 11:34) Vaughn ok. My username is radosc so why I'm visible as Vaughn? (19.07.2017, 11:32) Vaughn Hi. In last version I had to change sound icon because it was put upside down so the louder icon sounded quieter. Now it's hard to test it at your website because it works when somebody else writes something. Radek
  12. Hi. Ones I come back from holidays I will try to find something 😉
  13. I forgot. It would be nice to be able to edit posted shout within particular time, for example within 2 minutes. Sometimes there is a need to edit post because of spell mistakes. Radek
  14. Hi Smartshoutbox is a very good chat but if you ask me how to improve it I can say: I think most improvements was taken under consideration after my reports but it would be nice to see next in new version. - input box could be flexible (possible to widen) in order to see all written text especially in narrow webpage column. - In narrow column (less than 500px or so) there is a problem with the space for every presented items so maybe the username, time should go in first line and shout in second line like this: user 12.05.2017 11:00 bla bla blafvsdfgdfgdf - I don't need avatars at all and there is a lack option to turn it off. - sometimes customer open 2 web pages in 2 browser tabs (there is smartshoutbox module on each web page). Smartshoutbox is refreshing automaticly only in one browser tab - In WYSIWYG editor I can't jump the word using CTRL+arrow like in other editors in Windows. - On mobile with narrow screen I can't see the username, so in option I have to change the width of mobiles but the it looks strange. Dividing username and shouts into 2 lines might be a better solution - links in shouts are not proper when adress includes Polish chars (https://www.e-dziewiarka.pl/aktualnosci/5-firmowe/news/5172-wyjątkowa-traumseide-włóczką-tygodnia) So i think it's all but I still keep test it. Radek
  15. thank you