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  1. Search K2 Pro Questions

    https://pl.vc/vcs91 Here you go...
  2. Search K2 Pro Questions

    How can you develop this without knowing k2? o_O The K2 Search Pro seems to be broken there... I get an error
  3. Search K2 Pro Questions

    Now I know where I can search, but does that mean that it will exclusivly search there or additionally? Because I dont want the search function to search the extra_fields from k2. Is there any spot where I can test the plugin? And additionally: I know that's not your problem but maybe you can help: When I use K2 Tools as a search tool, is there a way to redirect the results to different pages for different modules?
  4. I would like to update the search-modules on my website and wonder, if this extension satisfy my needs: Basically, my website uses K2 Items with two large main Categories C1 (called Account) and C2 (called UUID) for almost everything. 1) I would like to create two search modules with only one, simple inputfield for the keyword. One of those modules is placed on the pages of C1, the other one in the pages of C2. The results should be shown on a page which is minor to the category-url. As example: Results from the search-module for C1: http://minecraft-heads.com/account/search... Results from the search-module for C2: http://minecraft-heads.com/uuid/search... 2) The search-function should search through the K2 Item Title and optinonally the K2 Item Tag, NOT the K2 Item Extrafields or the normal Joomla Articles 3) The results should by configurable with templates The layout should be the same as on the website right now: http://minecraft-heads.com/ Is this possible with your extension? Is there the usual 30-days-money-back to your extension? Thanks and bye Razen