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  1. I think part of my problem is that the subscription may be different between two different computers. Signing in here does not even show orders on the account This is all it gives when trying to install the zip file that was downloaded
  2. I have renewed license, and attempted to download the latest version. Upon installation, I keep getting the error: "Key column 'shout_id' doesn't exist in table" and it will not let me install. Any ideas on how to fix this other than manually creating the column in the database?
  3. I found it in the extensions table where you pointed me to before. I was just letting you know I had been looking in the wrong place like a crumb. Hope you have a great weekend, and thank you for helping me fix this!
  4. That format isn't the way it was entered, but more the way it rendered... Not really sure how it was rewritten that way. The reset button didn't work, not that I really wanted to do that. Thank you for telling me which table. I kept looking for an options table after failing to find related fields in the smartshoutbox_** ones. Either way, changing it in the db fixes all and it is working again, thank you!
  5. Yes, the error is caused by my entering the wrong time format. I am just trying to find where I can edit it on the server's back-end to fix it.
  6. Hello, I just renewed license on the smart shoutbox, but am having difficulty in the options. I attempted to change the date format, and now I no longer am able to access the tabs in the options menu (except for "General" which is opened by default). Is there a way to change only the date format back to default without overwriting everything? I love this component, and the associated module, but I will need to access these settings from time to time.
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