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  1. Hey ok, thanx for your reply! Anyway, since didn't receive any reply yet from the joomla ! - community, I guess I'm screwed now !
  2. Hey Krotek, sorry, if I have to bother you one more time, but yesterday I was told, that the language files are called from the extension itself. Well, since all other components are switching to their respective language files with no problems, I'm kind of confused, what really might cause this problem!
  3. ok, thank you very much for the info, Krotek! In my entry, I already mentioned the tasks I've done so far; there I also talked about the copy of the file en-EN.com_smartshoutbox.ini as de-DE.com_smartshoutbox.ini into the german language folder! So far there might be a core conflict, since I'm also using skyline testimonials at the same site. Maybe I've to get rid with one of the two? Nevertheless, I'll first approach to the joomla! - community to see , if there's a solution around! thanx again, Krotek for your efforts helping me out! I really appreciate that! Keep up your great Extensions!
  4. What I mean is, that the component is not recognizing the other language file! So maybe I need to do something else?
  5. I have a multilanguage site, and I need to display all content in 2 languages (en & de). But whatever I do, smart shoutbox always appears only in english, even I already created & translated another language file. So I wonder, what else I have to do, in order to display the smart shoutbox also in the other language (in this case it would be in german).
  6. Hi there, I wonder, what step(s) I missed, in order to change to the perspective language. That's what I did so far: - I created a new language file, and named it de-DE.com_smartshoutbox.ini . - Added that file into the SmartShoutbox294j3.zip path: packages/com_smartshoutbox.zip\languages\site - added the file into the com_smartshoutbox.zip/smartshoutbox.xml </files> <languages folder="languages/site"> <language tag="en-GB">en-GB.com_smartshoutbox.ini</language> <language tag="de-DE">de-DE.com_smartshoutbox.ini</language> </languages> - uploaded comp into joomla ver.3.6.4 Any Idea, what I missed? Would be pretty neat, if someone could help me out here! Thank you very much!
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