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  1. No Only if I show your module in categories K2. In articles K2 all fine But what mean: stdClass on line 27 in helper.php of your module?
  2. Yes, you are right. But it happened after I update to new version. But now all ok - thank you But what with first question?
  3. I have a website on Joomla 3.6.2 I use a component K2 for Joomla to publish a articles All articles devided to categories. In Joomla menu I create a link to Joomla categories to show it. In u case: http://4ru.es/ru/knowledge_base/live-in-spain/cellular_network_item If I switch on on this and similar pages your module - I see an error 500 and this error in Apache log Now I switching off you module on such pages And I just found a second error You can go to main page: http://4ru.es and at right position you can found your module. And if I click in this link - in my case it is a http://4ru.es/ru/forum/topic/12920-kto-nibud-derzhit-svoih-kur-krolikov-i-td-v-ispanii/?do=getLastComment A see 404 error and do not entering to forum Thanks
  4. Hello! There are problem with module IP.Board Recent Topics When I try to show this topics in K2 category I recieve error 500 and this errors in log: Can you help me? Thank you!
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