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  1. Yeah agreed 100% server.. but no idea! What im going to try do is set up another site on the same server with Shout installed that i can give full access to you on if this is ok? Maybe you can see more in de-bug.. i dont have to much faith in server guys..
  2. Hi guys, Latest versions of Joomla 3.6, Shout. I have it on local test machine PHP 5.4 works fine. Was on server with PHP 5.2, worked fine. The server has now been updated to PHP5.6 for security reasons with latest APACHE 3 installs with sql, ModRuid 2 etc.. the site we run depends alot on security! Since this upgrade, the shout box no longer loads. The page that the module is on loads completely blank with no PHP errors. The component page does the same. If i clear the shoutbox of all shouts, then the module and com page load fine with "no shouts yet...etc" All seems ok. As soon as type in a simple shout and send. It hangs, the entry is put into database but the com and mod will no longer load. The only error i can see in firebug is: if (json['error']) { (the error shows here) scrollToMessage(json['error'], "error"); The welcome to shout box text does load.. but thats all of the entire page.. this worked.. now doesnt! No errors really showing up so i am having a heck of time with this!! In fact debug even comes back with 200 ok. Please.. any suggestions.. i realize this is thin on info.. but its all i have!
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