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  1. how to remove ads?

    At the top of my chat window is an ad for your product? Get it here, type thing then shows a link how do i remove this? I paid for the script? Not for ads to your links?
  2. how to remove ads?

    Can you guide me as to how to remove these ads from the page? "Welcome to Smart Shoutbox! You can chat with other users on any topics, but first you have to register on our site. You can get your copy of Smart Shoutbox here."
  3. Install more than once?

    what would it cost to have you do that? I need several private rooms or should I look for another application?
  4. Install more than once?

    how to add only the users I want to each category then and be unseen by the other categories?Can I make each category private
  5. Install more than once?

    I would like to setup more shoutrooms, I was told we could install several time to create more rooms ,however when I try to reinstall I get the application is already installed, could you give me a step by step on how to install more rooms
  6. timestamp

    I need to make some room and thought removing the timestamp would be a good place to start can you please advise me on where to find that code? I would also like to make the shout post with the enter key what would that take? tia Gary Leggans