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  1. Hi, Testing your Ban system for of OpenCart. When I try the instructions you indicate for registering an account, nothing happens, I keep getting returned to 'Sign In' or Log In page, but I never see the error message about contacting the Admin, unless I try to sign-in. -- Try to register using John Doe as firstname/lastname, email example@example.com or any email with 'support', 'admin' or 'sales' word in it. For each successful check you'll get "Warning: Operation aborted. Please, contact administrator" message. -- I never see the Warning message, when I looked in back-end, I see there already is an account: John Doe? When I try to register using the password example@example.com the same thing happens, it always returns me to Your Personal Details page, but I never see any warning about Operation Aborted? Is there some problem with this system working for registration, and it only works for login? Thanks, -B
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