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  1. When will the new version?
  2. For Odnoklassniki, VK, LJ.
  3. Good day! I cannot set Post limit. In any case (1,3 or 5) posting full text.
  4. After enable network Odnoklassniki and attempt authorize application I have error "Token retrieval failed: Invalid request parameters" What does it mean?
  5. ikysin


    The same error i have after strating posting using URL http://pastar.ru/index.php?option=com_socialcrossposting&task=post&secret=******
  6. ikysin


    Hello! After enabling "Cron" plugin i have error " 1054 Unknown column 'item' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT status, target FROM #__crossposting_journal WHERE item = '3226' AND source = 'k2' AND network = 'vk' AND targetid = '52853904' " I cannot open Plugin tab or other tab. This error only.
  7. Is it possible not posting text? Only title and picture. Post limit minimum - 1 letter. It is not good when posting picture and 1 letter of text.
  8. It is very pity. Other services no problem posting introtext only.
  9. Ok. Is it possible in new version posting introtext only?
  10. Today I receved e-mail from you. Is it really so? In wednesday you ask me: Not all networks accept titles. Only post text, images and tags.
  11. Ok. How possible posting zero (0) letters? If I put "0", then posting all text.
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