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  1. Thx for answering! Indead on your site it works perfectly. In no way i wanted to say that chat has a bug. I' m shure it depends to the settings, but what could set wrong? Ok, i'll tray - may be the url shortener?
  2. Thx for answering me ! I made two screenshots for you; one from the backend and one from the frontend after activation the modul. What could we do now? best regards Ric
  3. Hm, is this possible? I followed the downloadlink, which i got after buying. best regards Ric
  4. my installation of smart shoutbox doesn't work. If i activate the modul the complete site is shot down and i get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting ']' in /www/xxxxx/xxxxxx/components/com_smartshoutbox/helpers/helper.php on line 245 may be reason is curl but i can't edit php.ini. on my webspace it is possible to run cronjobs. Can you help me please? regards Ric
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