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  1. Has this issue been resolved yet? I'd like to know before I purchase a new subscription. I'm using 2.9.4 and the duplication still happens when there is connectivity issues (when the site is very busy)
  2. Sometimes when the smartshoutbox is open, some shouts are showing twice, today a shout showed 4 times (see attached image) After refreshing the page, the shouts that were duplicated now only appear once, as they should. The problem appears to be when the user is watching or using the chat. How can we resolve this? Joomla 3.5.1 smartshoutbox 2.9.2
  3. and other files, but the avatar images are being used for integration into other components, so I have just reverted those to local. All my other Jomsocial storage options are remote.
  4. I've just noticed another component that we use is having the same issue where as others seem to be coping fine using the avatar from jomsocial whether it is local or on s3 remote storage. For now I am reverting my jomsocial avatars to local storage.
  5. AND In JomSocial's Backend, click Configuration. From there, click Remote Storage found at the top-left of the configuration bar. Under Storage Methods, choose whether you want to store the data locally, via Local Server, or in the Amazon S3 cloud. For Amazon S3, fill in the required fields with your Amazon S3 details. The Bucket Path here refers to the name of the bucket that you want to store the data. For example, if the URL of your Amazon S3 looks like this: http://bucket-name.s3.amazonaws.com/images/avatar/****.jpg, then the Bucket Name is bucket-name. So maybe for Jomsocla avatars there should be an extra field for bucket name then the new avatar image url can be generated from there. I have other componenets that integrate with Jomsocial that already fetch the avatar whether it is local or on remote stroage.
  6. I am using amazon s3 feature of jomsocial for all my jomsocial related images/files. Smart Shoutbox is still trying to display local avatars which do not exist anymore. Please can we get a fix asap. Even a temp one for me. I just renewed my membership and I need a solution for tomorrow. PLEASE.
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