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  1. I have no plans to update, sorry.
  2. I dunno. I can look into this on your server, but this will be a paid service.
  3. Check shouts list in admin, remove all shouts without category.
  4. See the documentation, check permissions under extension options.
  5. https://thekrotek.com/latest-updates/389-all-joomla-extensions-are-free
  6. Every option has a hint, hover you mouse to see the short description.
  7. Instagram has a read-only API.
  8. There's no "provider button" at all. Check your global store config.
  9. See the reply above. Problem is not with extension, but with outgoing connection form your server. The only solution is to check the outgoing connection and figure out, what's blocking it. Or you can simply edit the code and disable any kind of checking (license, version etc).
  10. All my extensions are always working.
  11. The only possible reason for this issue is some kind of the problem with outgoing connections. Hosting provider will always say, that they don't block anything and everything works right, but its actually not.
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