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  1. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    See the documentation.
  2. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    I don't understand, what does "not work" mean. If articles are not published, execute the script in manual mode and look into Crossposting Report. There will be an error or success message for every posting attempt. If you don't know, what certain error messages mean, post your report here.
  3. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    But you already found yourself, where you can define External as application type. So I assume everything is alright.
  4. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    Why Update button? There's a Refresh button exactly for this purpose. I didn't understand you. What do you mean?
  5. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    Like I said, refresh the network to generate new token.
  6. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    Refresh network. This will happen regularly, so every time you see this - refresh network.
  7. The Krotek

    Clickable hyperlinks in shouts

    This feature exists since version 2.0, if I remember correctly. Which is a very, very long time.
  8. The Krotek

    Green submit shout button blinking

    No, of course it is not supposed to happen. Blinking usually happens, when other JavaScript interferes somehow (for example, eats a lot of resources) or device display isn't good (rare case).
  9. The Krotek

    Green submit shout button blinking

    Both these issues are not related to Smart Shoutbox itself. You have a JavaScript conflict on the page. It can easily happen, if you load a lot of JavaScript plugins like players, tickers etc. Other reason for this issue is quite unlikely.
  10. The Krotek

    Changed settings on the site classmates

    I don't monitor every network application settings, but even if they changes something, you may find similar options somewhere. I can't read your screenshot, since it's in Russian and all documentation is in Russian. Add a screenshot from OK application settings in English and I might tell you, where you can look for missing options.
  11. Unfortunately, we do not provide support in your language for this extension. Please, write in English. If you don't know English well enough, use any online translation service like Google Translate, for example. In most cases it's enough to understand. Topic is closed, use our support email to describe the issue and do this in English only.
  12. The Krotek

    Joomla error when looking for updates / Search k2 Pro

    Yeah, "source" variable is missing from URL. Remove both update server addresses, redownload and install on top. Should be fine now.
  13. The Krotek

    4.2.2 issues

    You probably downloaded this version a long time ago, because this issue has been fixed for quite a while. Just re-download and install on top.
  14. The Krotek

    Smart SEO pagination error

    Please, provide your order ID first.
  15. The Krotek

    Icons on Joomla template disappearing

    I don't understand what does "template conflict" mean. If you're talking about that "fa-pencil" icon, then no, you didn't load a blank page, because this icon belongs to login module. And yes, according to the code you provided, you have Font Awesome 4 loaded as well. Version 5 have different icon naming, this is why this conflict occurs. But anyway, it's a CSS conflict issue, nothing else. I specifically excluded CSS conflicts from support, because it is literally impossible to make extension compatible with all the thousands of themes on the market.