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  1. hide search section

    You can hide it from Chat menu item settings. Show Filters option.
  2. I'm sorry, but refund is not possible. We do not provide refunds and problem IS NOT with Smart Shoutbox, which I already explained you. Somehow your server doesn't send POST data. I didn't ask you to believe, I didn't ask you to think or guess. I asked you to do VERY simple thing: install in on clean Joomla to exclude (or confirm) compatibility issue with another 3rd party application. You need to describe the situation and ask, if they disabled sending POST data from your server via CURL. I even mentioned, that extension uses CURL to send data. In your case request is sent, so CURL is working. But POST data array is empty, which happens ON SERVER SIDE, because extension itself DOES send this data. I checked it right away, when you reported a problem. And you can see from Ben QB post above, that license check works. I can confirm, that for all other customers it works as well. So basically, I'm providing you support even beyond its limits. The only thing I need right now from you is follow my recommendations to exclude or confirm most obvious things. Don't try to argue with me, don't try to guess, because you're obviously not a professional. Just do what I ask and tell me the results, that's all. When I have all necessary data, we can move further and eventually find a solution. Now again, please, install it on clean Joomla and ask your hosting provider the following: do they have sending POST data via CURL disabled. Tell them, that some 3rd party extension sends POST data to developer's server to check the license, but data is lost. When you're done, tell me the results. I might then have a clue, what's going on.
  3. There's absolutely nothing bad with support, because yes, for this particular issue only reinstall is required, that's all. And as you can see in the reply above (or any other replies), it helps - Ben QB reinstalled and it worked. So no, problem IS NOT with extension, no matter how badly do you want it to be. Problem is somewhere on your side and before going any further I need some clarification. Did you try to install it on clean Joomla? If yes, what was the result? Did you disable that Helix 3? If yes, what was the result? Did you contact hosting provider? If yes, what was their reply? When I gave you recommendations above I expected you to report me back. Please, do so. I'm not asking these things just to play along. Your situation is very untypical and for now I don't even know where to start looking.
  4. Re-download and install on top.
  5. I don't know, what Helix 3 is, so I can't say anything particular. And access to your site is not necessary, because there no issues with the code. If this issue indeed existed, then everybody else would experience it for sure. If you still see "post data is missing or empty", this means, that no data is submitted from your server at all. The code itself just fine and posts the data correctly, but it looks like they're not leaving your server. I never experienced anything like this in my life and can't even imagine, why this happens. First of all, try to install it on clean Joomla installation and see, how it goes. If it doesn't help, try to disable that Helix 3, whatever it is. If still nothing, try to contact your hosting provider and describe them the situation - they might give you a clue. Just FYI, a cURL PHP extension is used to connect to server and post the necessary data.
  6. There's no and can't be such issue with Smart Shoutbox. I've checked it with several order IDs from the latest orders and all went just fine. Try to re-download and install on top. I didn't change anything, so version stays.
  7. And which extension exactly are you talking about?
  8. Ban System

    You probably didn't set permissions. Go to Users -> User Groups and set access/modify permissions for sale/bansystem.
  9. shoutbox +3rd component

    No, it doesn't override any MCE specific classes. Some classes simply named the same, but this is absolutely normal and happens all the time, when you have multiple extensions installed. This can be fixed by adding corresponding CSS definitions in custom CSS file. Find out, which classes have the same names and simple re-override them in your custom CSS.
  10. post data missing error

    By the way, I'm planning to release an update this month, so it's a good time to share your ideas or improvements. Since you have lots of experience using it, maybe you also have some feedback from your customers or have your own thoughts. This will be a major update (version 3.1), mostly admin related, but a few bigger things might be implemented on front-end as well. Right now I only plan to add custom options support, which will work both on admin and front-end, and Collapse/Expand button for module. The rest are just admin improvements, yet pretty noticeable ones.
  11. post data missing error

    When you uninstall extension, its settings are lost. All the rest is save in separate database tables and should be restored, when you install extension again. Same goes to shoutbox module, which has a category selection option. Basically, you need to simply reproduce your previous setup and clean every possible cache (modules are cached), that's it.
  12. post data missing error

    You were always able use order ID as well as download key. We got rid of download key, so now it's order ID only, which is much more simple.
  13. post data missing error

    But I just told you "order... insert its ID".
  14. post data missing error

    Yep, I see your order. Already approved it, so just insert its ID and you're good to go!
  15. post data missing error

    There is a slight chance, that old file is cached on your server. Such things happen from time to time. Try to completely uninstall extension and remove its files - might help. All your shouts will remain.