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  1. I don't need access to your site, you've describe everything in detail and it is clear for me, what exactly is the problem. Most likely, as you suggested in your previous post, problem's with categories. Or, more particularly, with OpenCart itself and how it processes categories. I'll check it on default OC 2.3 setup and let you know the result. Meanwhile you can try it with single product - it should work flawlessly, because product can have only one ID.
  2. Guess it was something magic. I'm glad it works now. Enjoy Smart Shoutbox, it's a very good extension. We're currently working on version 3.0, which will be much more stable and flexible. Stay tuned!
  3. I'm not sure I understand you. This error message is absolutely impossible. Something else is causing it. Just out of curiosity installed it on clean Joomla 3.7 and it worked without ANY issues. So definitely it's not related to Smart Shoutbox, it installs perfectly. Describe the issue and give me steps to reproduce. Nobody IN YEARS ever reported this and I absolutely can't reproduce this anywhere.
  4. First of all, setup your methods properly. I explained you in my previous reply, what exactly is wrong with your current setup. Basically, you need to have Flat method with Serbia geo zone and base value set to 208.33. That's it. When you're done, try to checkout again and see, how it goes. If it's still wrong, attach screenshots for both methods with new setup. I also need a screenshot from product editing page with assigned categories list AND screenshot from categories list, where I can see categories belonging to products from checkout.
  5. I took closer look on your setup and it's actually a bit wrong. Your Flat method is double based on country: one - by calculation rule, one - by geo zone. Remove either of them. Your Laptop method is already based on Serbia geo zone and displayed properly (selected country is Serbia). What exactly are you trying to achieve? Give me description of the shipping rule you want to have in the end.
  6. Setup looks good actually. You should see only one shipping option. Send me also a screenshot from you checkout page, shipping method selection step or the whole checkout, if you don't mind.
  7. This is a VERY bad decision. The right way is to use calendar as an option and display error, if user enters date in bad format. See, how it's implemented in back-end - the same way it'll be implemented in front-end
  8. CSS can do magic in terms of layout. There's a distinct class for each and every element, you can style or move literally everything. Date pickup for archive is already in agenda, but it won't save you from customers entering data in wrong format. The only this is good here is an error, when date format is wrong. I'll add it as well.
  9. You probably missing some option, a Priority maybe. Attach a screenshots for both methods and I might tell you something more specific. Also note, that if you're using category based rules, this might also be a problem, because in OpenCart one product can have multiple categories.
  10. Well, in this case it's not that easy to implement. I can quickly add "buy 2 of the same, get 1 free of the same", but other options can be confusing. Basically, I'll have to add TWO options: quantity type discount and type of action (2 of the same + 1 free of the same, 2 of any + 1 free of any, 2 of the same + 1 of any etc.) This will overload already complex coupon editing form and complicate things quite a lot.
  11. It's not division, it's a type of word-wrap and it only happens with long lines. You can try to change it in CSS file. Look for .shout-text class definitions specifically, "break-word" and "hyphens" options. Also note, that they might be browser specific. Smart Shoutbox doesn't convert anything, so maybe some characters are converted by JavaScript by default. I'll look into this and fix in 3.0. Just tried to search for 24.04.2017 on our Archive page and it worked perfectly. So it's related to your site/server or to user timezone settings. This thing is quite sensitive and can fail. if timezone is improperly set or you're trying to search in some weird time format.
  12. I believe I already answered you in comments on, but I can repeat myself. Right now it's not 100% possible, but shouldn't be hard to do. I could add a 3rd type of discount: Quantity. Yet I have a few questions: - Should this be every 3rd product or just "buy more than 2, get 1 free"? - Do you mean the same products in quantity of 2 or any 2 products and discount comes to any 3rd product?
  13. It's not related to Smart Shoutbox at all. Your system caches files, so turn off the cache temporarily.
  14. The forum engine was recently updated, so it might have to be recached. Can't do anything here anyway, only wait, when cache is refreshed or issues is fixed by forum developers.
  15. An account was created upon purchase and email with credentials was sent to your PRIMARY PayPal address. So check your inbox first. Just checked the login page functionality and it works perfectly both in Chrome and Firefox.