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  1. Really? So somehow, browsing as a GUEST, I see Joomla Users Support plugin under Available Plugins and you're not, and this isn't not about you not paying even the slightest attention? Oh, and there's NO direct link to this plugin. It doesn't even exist. You MUST download it from extension's page, which is NOT a Joomla Installer or JED page. I hope you've finally figured this out.
  2. I'm sorry, but can't you see for yourself, where exactly this link leads you? You really, REALLY MUST hire a tech guy, if you consider this link as an extension's page. This is an INTERNAL link to JOOMLA INSTALLER, which can be clearly seen from the link itself. And no, I'm not being rude, I'm being straight: yes, you're THAT bad in managing site by yourself. I'm always being straight, sorry to disappoint. Now be so kind to open extension's page (the one you bought it from) and download the plugin I mentioned multiple times.
  3. "Searching the net"? What are you even talking about? Just open extension's page and download the plugin I mentioned! Scroll the page down and you will find it. You really need to hire a tech guy, if you can't even complete this simple task.
  4. Please, open extension's page and download the plugin I mentioned already: Joomla Users Support. The name is out there and clearly visible.
  5. That's because this is NOT Joomla User's plugin apparently. It even has a different name. Can't you simply download and install the plugin with the name I gave you?
  6. Not default user plugin, but the one, which is downloaded from Smart Mailer's page. Install, enable it and that's it.
  7. To which kind of users? Your user database is a source.
  8. Just open extension's page and you will see everything for yourself, including list of available plugins and documentation. All as usual here.
  9. The Krotek

    Invision footer

    IPS Community is a lot more superior than any other forum engine. It is also constantly evolving and becoming better every year. I use it for about 10 years already and absolutely happy about it.
  10. The Krotek

    Invision footer

    I believe you can hide copyright with CSS. Can't be easier and upgrade friendlier. Same probably can be done with header and footer. If you want to edit templates, then you can install custom theme or copy the default one. IPS Community is quite good with keeping custom changes.