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  1. Sorry, no support for this particular extension, not even the paid one.
  2. I'm sorry, there's no support for this particular extension. Not even paid one.
  3. No, not related to your issue at all.
  4. 20 EUR minimum, final price depends on how much it will take and how complex to fix.
  5. I can take a look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  6. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  7. Contact your hosting support to solve this.
  8. Digest is sent via cron according to settings, not every time an article is published. See the documentation and read option hints for more info.
  9. Random Email is for generating random email upon registration.
  10. Of course there IS a documentation at the bottom of the page. This is exactly what documentation at the bottom of the page tells you. This is definitely not my problem, sorry.
  11. More like it revealed an issue, which always existed, but was hidden. Judging from the error stack, there's a payment method, which is corrupted. Maybe there's a leftover file from the previous OC version, which you have to delete. Anyway, check your payment method models in: catalog/model/payment/ catalog/model/extension/payment/ One of the methods causing the issue.
  12. This one's not related to my extension, it doesn't call getMethod() function anywhere.
  13. Fixed this one already. In the file and at the line mentioned in the error replace the string with this: lastRules['<?php echo $valuetype; ?>'] = <?php echo count(${$valuetype}) + 1; ?>;
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