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  1. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  2. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  3. For further assistance, please, contact me via email support@thekrotek.com
  4. Something's wrong with your description. Feel free to edit plugin's code anyway you like. If you want me to look into the issue, this will be a paid service.
  5. Then avatar is not returned by network or not set by user himself.
  6. You already looking at it.
  7. Most likely, you're blocked by BitNinja and my hosting provider uses their services. Contact BijNinja support and ask them to remove your server's IP.
  8. If you have a server error, this most likely means that your server's IP is blocked by BitNinja, which my hosting provider uses.Try to exclude your IP from their blacklist. It's absolutely free.
  9. I can't reproduce it on my Joomla instance, works fine for me. I can look into this issue, but as a paid service only.
  10. I'm sorry, extension is free, but support is not. I can look into this, but only as a paid service. Either way, it uses default Joomla functions to register, login and logout.
  11. I have no plans to update, sorry.
  12. I dunno. I can look into this on your server, but this will be a paid service.
  13. Check shouts list in admin, remove all shouts without category.
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