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  3. This error means, that no response from server was received. Looks like there's a problem with outgoing connections on your server or our server is blocked by your hosting provider. You need to contact your hosting provider on the matter.
  4. I downloaded and installed Smart Mailer during the three month month time you've offered your Joomla Extensions for free (https://thekrotek.com/latest-updates/388-all-joomla-extensions-are-free-for-3-months). Per instructions I should be able to enter anything in the License ID box, however no matter what I type in there I'm thrown the "One of the required fields is empty. Check your input." error along with this the "License check failed: wrong response from server. Try again later." notice. How do I validate the license so I can save settings and use this component given it's not allowing me to type anything into that field and save it per the instructions given in the article announcing the three month free giveaway of extensions?
  5. Earlier
  6. These are the very fresh API changes. I will update VK workflow someday, no ETA though. However, as far as I remember, in VP API 5.0 a few very important changes were made and crossposting is not possible anymore. This is why I had to use "v" parameter in all API requests to call the previous API version.
  7. Hi! VK Post Error: User fetching error: Invalid request: versions below 5.00 are deprecated. Version param should be passed as "v". "version" param is invalid and not supported. For more information go to https://vk.com/dev/version_update_2.0
  8. https://thekrotek.com/latest-updates/388-all-joomla-extensions-are-free-for-3-months
  9. Hi! I installed the plugin, but I can't use it because of this error: License ID is missing. Please, enter your order ID or download key. If I hover my mouse over License ID option, this message appears: Your order ID or download key. Where do I find mine order ID or download key? Chiara
  10. Why is it wrong? It's a share button, exactly that we need to add for other services.
  11. https://thekrotek.com/latest-updates/388-all-joomla-extensions-are-free-for-3-months No, shortcode, you will have to customize your popup login and add social login buttons to it.
  12. hello we want use your social login component in our site and we want ask if it's totally free or requiere some cost or fees ? and we want integrate the social login buttons on a site popup login , how we can show the on a popup is this any shrotcod for this ? thanks amine
  13. I saw the changelog, but I didn't find any examples on how to implement this. And no, this is wrong example.
  14. Well, they told about it. And here is the sample, for whatsapp. fosters_whatsapp_1.1.2.tar
  15. I didn't understand you.
  16. what data with access to social access forms? name, telephone or email address?
  17. Looks like they completely changed, how sharing buttons work and I can't seem to figure out how. There's no documentation and no other sharing buttons to check. So maybe some time later.
  18. They're added to global store configuration.
  19. Hi, I have installed the Exchange Rate Provider extension and I can see it is enabled in the Extensions/Modifications section but I cannot find where to actually select the provider in the System/Settings for my store. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Sean
  20. Indeed, they don't work on 4.4. I'll see, what I can do.
  21. Hi! Can you update shre buttons for 4.4? Bcz they don't work on 4.4.
  22. Just out of curiosity I opened this image in Photoshop right from server and re-saved it, keeping the same size and weight. After that image started to display properly. Moreover, old image, when viewed in another tab, was displaying upside down in Image Info window as well. I'm sorry, but looks like your image was simply broken. Anyway, this issue was never related to Smart Shoutbox.
  23. Yes, I repeat, that this has NOTHING to do with Smart Shoutbox. It ONLY moves the image to "media/smartshoutbox" folder using PHP move_uploaded_file() function and then adds a link to it in IMG tag, when shout is displayed. That's all it does. Not a single image editing operation with image like resize, convert or rotate is made. I have absolutely no idea, why this happens. Maybe there's something in server configuration, which affects the image. This also might be a browser bug.
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