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  2. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service. There's no free support for Joomla extensions.
  3. Hello My name is Nadia and i am a Joomla developer. i am using your free extension social login, where i am trying to login through facebook and getting this error URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. could u plz help me to solve this, i have added URL in the OAuth setting as well but some one at forum said there must be some outdated SDK used by the plugin. so kindly check and resolve this my website is login page is this https://sillara.lk/en/login-form?return=aHR0cHM6Ly9zaWxsYXJhLmxrL2VuL215LWFjY291bnQ= Regards Nadia
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  5. Hello. How to enable writing posts only for logged users?
  6. If you're using a 3rd party theme a customization might be required as usual.
  7. Hello, my friends! Have you idea why this extension doesn't work on product card? May be, is problem in controller/product/product.php? product.php
  8. Either your outgoing connections are (partially) blocked or your server IP is blocked by BitNinja service.
  9. The add-on has installed correctly. However, when I want to try update the settings, I get this COM_SOCIALLOGIN ERROR RESPONSE error. Resetting the settings doesn't help. Joomla version 3.9.22
  10. Please, send me an email for more information.
  11. That is fine. I assume you'd like an Admin (superuser) account. How can I safely provide Username and Login details? An estimate of your fees would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. I can look into the issue, but this will be a paid service.
  13. I have read the hints and made the settings as instructed. All other aspects of this extension work beautifully but I just cannot get this feature to work. Am I missing something else? Many thanks.
  14. Sorry, no support for this particular extension, not even the paid one.
  15. As far as I recall, I have never installed Smart Seller, certainly not on the site I am administering at present, error/warnings Update: :Extension: Could not parse https://thekrotek.com/index.php?option=com_smartseller&task=updates&type=plugin&folder=search&name=search_content/extension.xml Update: :Extension: Could not parse https://thekrotek.com/index.php?option=com_smartseller&task=updates&type=plugin&folder=search&name=search_contentpro/extension.xml appear repeatedly, on Joomla Admin login screen and Control Panel; I have tried Installing Smart Seller to search for any "updates" options but none evident; how do I remove traces from my site please? Thank you for the products I have used now and in the past.
  16. I'm sorry, there's no support for this particular extension. Not even paid one.
  17. Hi there, I have installed the Smartseller extension, and the backend seem fine. I can add and publish products like MP3 files. I can however not for the world figure out HOW to display my products in my frontend. ?? The documentation is not easy to understand at all. Example: I added a product with an attached MP3 file, with a price and published this.This item has ID 1 When I use the tag {smartseller=1} in an article, absolutely nothing shows up. Am I misunderstanding completely how this work? Regards Goran
  18. No, not related to your issue at all.
  19. It seems that for opencart- the extension is not working. I get this telling error: MOD: Currency Fixes FILE: system/library/cart/currency.php CODE: $this->set($this->config->get('config_currency')); NOT FOUND - OPERATION SKIPPED! CODE: class Currency { LINE: 12 As a result I am not getting the Exchange Rate Provider drop-down nor the Provider API Key. Do you plan a fix?
  20. 20 EUR minimum, final price depends on how much it will take and how complex to fix.
  21. I can take a look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  22. Hello. I have just installed the Exchange Rates Provides. Also. registered in ExchangeRate-Api and got the Api Key. Unfortunately I have received an error on the currency page. Could you please help.
  23. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  24. Contact your hosting support to solve this.
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