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  2. I can help you, but this will be a paid service.
  3. I just got the Product Maximum Quantity I would like to modify the xml so its dosnt read the maximum table from the db but the quantity table in this way maximum product quantity will always be equal to product quantity which is what i need
  4. I have the premium version of the recent topics plugin. How can I change the time stamp to "2 h ago" or "23 mins ago" instead of "7.4, 10:23"?
  5. Hello and good evening, This is for the JomSocial search plugin. I have the same issue on both our local site (local internal server) as well as on the live test site. I have checked and we are not blocking anything, nor do we see anything being blocked. I am at a loss at this point. Do you have any thoughts or ideas? Thank you kindly, 🙂
  6. Documentation tells you the same. Please, read it before asking for support.
  7. I found a solution, installing https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=33410 solves the problem with installation.
  8. Hello, I tried installing the extension but got an "admin/controller/event folder is not writable" error. Then I saw that there are some installation instructions to follow. I started with the installation of OpenCart 3 Compatibility Fixes extension as instructed, but this produces the same error. I am using Opencart with the Journal theme.
  9. Works fine for me. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  10. Although that plg worked, you made it sound as it should work out of the box, but did not and I also can not get the editor to show up? firefox debugger shows no JS errors and have it set in the module to show editor, could there be something I am missing? This is an awesome shoutbox by the way, Thank you!
  11. Found it, needed link parser plugin, works now.
  12. You don't need to activate anything.
  13. How to activate clickable links?
  14. No, I will not update my description, because you're wrong. Have a nice day.
  15. No thank you, i'd like to use this extension because it is free and not if i have to pay. In the description is told that it works on OC but as OC 3 uses twig and not tpl your extension does not work so please update your description on the page. Regards
  16. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  17. Hallo i like to use the extension ''Hide Address 2 Field'' i installed it in my OC but i can't get it working. I'd looked inside what was inside this extension and it only has 1 file the Install.XML but when i go inside the .xml it is changing files like register.tpl but i don't have that file in my opencart it is register.twig. Am i missing something ? I think OC there ar no .tpl files only .twig files. Is someone that uses this extension ? I'd like to use it on my site. install.xml
  18. I can look into your issue, but this will be a paid service.
  19. I have Zoo, and your Smart Search Zoo Pro plugin enabled. Smart Search has indexed all of the relevant pages that I want the search to look at, and if I search for the product name it finds the product correctly, but my users will likely not know the actual product name, they will instead be searching for things the product can do. For example, we sell an 8 port Ethernet Switch with PoE power, so the search would likely be 8 port switch. No matter what search terms I use, it never finds any of the relevant products. I am assuming the smart search and the Pro plugin only search the product name field and nothing else?
  20. They ask - Specify to which server (IP) and to which page a request is sent from your site using this module?
  21. You're blocked by BitNinja. Contact them on the matter.
  22. "In case extension asks for a license ID, enter anything in License ID field and save. If you see "Wrong response from server" message, this means you server blocks outgoing connections or they're not always working properly." my hoster aks me - which server is it connecting to?
  23. Yes, looks legit. I haven't updated this extension for quite a while.
  24. According to Google support ( I showed them a thorough video about how Google Login on my website using Krotek Social Login package has failed ) and they replied me with this message: Dear Developer, Thank you for your response! We have noticed that your app is accessing the following scope : https://www.googleapis.com/auth/profile.emails.read (Please refer to the attached screenshot). The Google+ APIs were shut down on March 7, 2019. This includes Google+ Sign-in, OAuth token requests with Google+ scopes, and Google+ integrations for web and mobile apps. Is is true?
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