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  2. If you have a server error, this most likely means that your server's IP is blocked by BitNinja, which my hosting provider uses.Try to exclude your IP from their blacklist. It's absolutely free.
  3. As you offer paid support i want to pay to remove any kind of checking (license, version etc)
  4. Dmitriy

    Queue error

    Thank you for your fast answer!
  5. I can't reproduce it on my Joomla instance, works fine for me. I can look into this issue, but as a paid service only.
  6. Dmitriy

    Queue error

    Dear developers, Thank you for Smart Mailer! It's very simple and useful component. Now it's free and it very important for our uncommercial community (leanzone.ru). Today I've started my first mailing (camaign type). During the company I've tried to check the queue state. But when I've pressed "Check queue" button I got this message: "0 Call to a member function get() on null". Could you please help me with this? Thank you!
  7. I'm sorry, extension is free, but support is not. I can look into this, but only as a paid service. Either way, it uses default Joomla functions to register, login and logout.
  8. Hello, we are testing Social Login component+module. We are able to login, but after login, the module and the page, where the module is included, does not show logged in user details, or logout buttons. The user is logged in, yes, but the Social Module shows the user are "not logged in". Attached you'll see how the module looks like after loggin in with using Joomla username/password. Looks like the user did not log in and no logout button visible either. Second picture is the same thing by using Facebook login function. Now the same Social Login module shows the user as logged in and there is also logout button (kirjaudu ulos). I don't understand why the module does not show the user as logged in if the user uses Joomla credentials. Link is here: https://www.kuudesaisti.net/kirjaudu2 Test first with Joomla credentials: user demo/demo After login in you will be redirected to another page, but go back to login page: https://www.kuudesaisti.net/kirjaudu2 Now you see that the module shows you as not logged in. Then user another browser and log in with Facebook user. After login in with Facebook user, go back to the login page and you see that now the social user login module shows you as logged in user. What am I doing wrong? - Anne p.s. I did put on the cache for the site and for the module, but no change! We are having these: Status Nimi Sijainti Tyyppi Versio Päivämäärä Kirjoittaja Kansio Pakettitunnus ID And Redirect plugin but that is not in use. Social Login Ylläpito Komponentti 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek Ei käytettävissä 10263 10261 Social Login Sivusto Moduuli 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek Ei käytettävissä 10263 10262 Social Login Package Sivusto Paketti 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek Ei käytettävissä 10263 User - Social Login Sivusto Liitännäinen 4.2.3 October 2018 The Krotek user 10312
  9. I'm seeing a permissions error on installing Order Manager. It refers to admin/controller/dashboard as the path but it should be admin/controller/extensions/dashboard i think.
  10. I have no plans to update, sorry.
  11. Has there been any progress on the update ? We have a lot of extra work due to the VK needting to be posted manually. Send me a PM if you are willing to do it for a reasonable fee.
  12. I dunno. I can look into this on your server, but this will be a paid service.
  13. Hello, I'm testing your Smart Mail component. I have also installed the Virtuemart Support Plugin, but in the source selection only Joomla! user and usergroups are available. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance, Lotte
  14. Check shouts list in admin, remove all shouts without category.
  15. I solved the permission settings, now there is a Uncategorized section and nowhere to find how to delete that part. And in category nowhere to be found.
  16. My website is English only. I'd like to remove the 'select language' selection option. Is there any way to do this? Thanks
  17. under admin i can view the shoutbox, but as user You are not allowed to view shoutbox. I give everybody acces and max on permission still only the admin can use the shoutbox, i don`t understand greetings
  18. Thank you for your immediate answer.I was the first that i wrote a review for your component.The review right now pending confirmation from joomla official site.Congratulations for your component.keep up the good work.
  19. I started to used your component i have one question.I am using flexi content items and trying to change the image that goes to twitter.When i am publishing the article the component uses the first image from description.Is it possible to choose what image to fetch from my custom field images of content flexi content?Thank you
  20. Hello! Having checked the possibility of registration on two different servers, I still get an error: "License check failed: wrong response from server. Try again later." How can I completely disable checking this, what code and in which file to fix so that this does not happen?
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