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  2. what data with access to social access forms? name, telephone or email address?
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  4. Looks like they completely changed, how sharing buttons work and I can't seem to figure out how. There's no documentation and no other sharing buttons to check. So maybe some time later.
  5. They're added to global store configuration.
  6. Hi, I have installed the Exchange Rate Provider extension and I can see it is enabled in the Extensions/Modifications section but I cannot find where to actually select the provider in the System/Settings for my store. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Sean
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  8. Indeed, they don't work on 4.4. I'll see, what I can do.
  9. Hi! Can you update shre buttons for 4.4? Bcz they don't work on 4.4.
  10. Just out of curiosity I opened this image in Photoshop right from server and re-saved it, keeping the same size and weight. After that image started to display properly. Moreover, old image, when viewed in another tab, was displaying upside down in Image Info window as well. I'm sorry, but looks like your image was simply broken. Anyway, this issue was never related to Smart Shoutbox.
  11. Yes, I repeat, that this has NOTHING to do with Smart Shoutbox. It ONLY moves the image to "media/smartshoutbox" folder using PHP move_uploaded_file() function and then adds a link to it in IMG tag, when shout is displayed. That's all it does. Not a single image editing operation with image like resize, convert or rotate is made. I have absolutely no idea, why this happens. Maybe there's something in server configuration, which affects the image. This also might be a browser bug.
  12. They image is at my Desktop in Photoshop cs6 and also Windows Paint good. When I upload they image in the shout hey is up side down. At your own site in your test shout you have they same problem and you say 'This having nothing to do with Smart Shoutbox' This is the link to the problem image at your 'Image Folder' at your own site then its they image alright. In your own shout you can see the image and there he is upside down. Greatings Ron
  13. Just added the same rule on our demo site and tested it with default checkout - worked perfectly. You can test it yourself here - enter any email with yandex.com domain. I'm sorry, but I can only repeat, that problem is with your setup somewhere. Check your modification log, make sure Ban System modification was properly processed. Check the error log for any related errors. There's also a chance, that you have a compatibility issue with another extension.
  14. You can see our setup in the screenshots I linked to. As far as I can see all is setup correctly per your documentation. Can you please look at the screenshots to verify?
  15. If even on default checkout it doesn't work, then only 2 reasons are possible: - Wrong/incomplete extension setup. - Rules are not properly set or data don't match. See the documentation, make sure you installed everything properly, and then check the rules you want to apply.
  16. We are not using any custom checkout extension. We have tested with the default checkout and no ban of our terms happens. Please let us know what to do.
  17. This has absolutely nothing to do with Smart Shoutbox. It simply uploads image to "media" folder and then displays it, that's all.
  18. "On the head" i mean up site down! Whene i have a image of 1.89MB, Height 2448px and Width 3264 is displayed up side down this problem also occurs on your site/test shout. Greatings Ron
  19. If you're using it with custom checkout extension, it might not work out-of-the-box. You need to customize it and make compatible with your custom checkout. But first try it with default checkout, see, if it works.
  20. I've setup the ban system fully and added three "like" bans on email field. Yet if I test by going through checkout with one of those 3 email domains that are banned the transaction still goes through as normal. Here's the screenshots of my setup: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3862219/d0f38a7f98a994fa7fc9722782a41839 https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3862220/288b19a110c1f18452ea60130542416b
  21. I'm sorry, but I didn't understand you at all. What do you mean under "on the head"? Image weight doesn't matter at all, it can't influence anything.
  22. Hi there, yes I am back again and now with the follow problem. When someone uploads 4MB image the shout, it is displayed on the head. If I reduce the image to 2 MB, it is good. Is there an option that people in the shout no can longer upload image size 2.5 MB and more...?? Greatings Ron
  23. Yes, shout author names are processed properly and assigned, when you first visit the site with shoutbox. If you're a guest, then you will be assigned a random name, which later will be remembered. You will have to change it manually no matter what. This is intentional behavior, which has a logic behind it.
  24. Hello Krotek, This have nothing to do with name remembered! Same reply from my: Registered user ----> Get his own username from Joomla when they login at the site en shout. Super user --------> Get not his own username and must change its name to the correct name manually -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When i login as Administrator* i get my Joomla username Nick1 1 minute later i log out as Administror Nick1 And then 1 minute later i login as Auteur* and i get my Joomla username Max1 1 minute later i log out as Auteur Max1 And then 1 minute later i login as Blog Schrijver* i get my Joomla username Ham1 1 minute later i log out as Blog Schrijver Ham1 And then 1 minute later i login as Beheerder* i get my Joomla username Ric1 So for so good!!!! And now comes the problem. 1 minute later i log out as Beheerder Ric1 And then 1 minute later i login as Super User and i get random name and i must change my name to the right one. Al they usergroups* which I mentioned here above becomes their one Joomla username automatically and a Super User not the must enter his username manually very strange! The manually Super User name stays for so lang logged in, when i log out and 10 minutes later i come back in the shout they name from 10 minutes ago is gone. But from your response I understand that this is normal so we can not come to a solution. I want to thank you for your support and have a nice evening. Greatings Ron
  25. Same reply: name is remembered. Emily is a name, which was given to you, when you were logged out. When you login, name stays. This is very useful, when someone starts chatting as a guest and then logs in - he doesn't need to change the name and everybody in the chat remember the name.
  26. No thats not they problem! Name remembered ist not they issue in this problem. Registered user ----> Get his own username from Joomla when they login at the site en shout. Super user --------> Get not his own username and must change its name to the correct name manually I have the manually rights oke in they chat and also in they module. 1. Login as registered user ronnie test 2. You can see thats name ronnie test in shout and thats okay 3. Login as Super User Ronnie Joomla 4. You can see thats name Ronnie Joomla is not visible but a name of shout system and i want my own Super username. Okay i can change name Emily in Ronnie Joomla but when i go to other page and i come back at shoutbox page i have to type my own user name agian! Greatings Ron
  27. Name is remembered, you need to change it manually right in the chat or module, if you're using multiple logins.
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