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Smart Shoutbox 2.5.3


Full-featured Joomla chat component and module, which can be used as standalone shoutbox or IP.Shoutbox mirror. Definitely the best Joomla chat extension for now, not doubts.


  • Choose chat type: Joomla (default) or IP.Board Shoutbox.
  • A lot of customization options like shout or member name length, show or hide avatars, etc.
  • Supported avatar providers: Joomla Contacts, JomSocial, CommunityBuilder, Kunena, Gravatar, EasySocial, K2, AlphaUserPoints (more can be added by request).
  • Automatically or manually refresh chat window, flood control and extra permission checks to avoid spamming.
  • Customizable text parser with URL shortener.
  • Replace images with neat thumbnails and lightbox.
  • Replace videos with links and lightbox or with embedded player (supported providers: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe).
  • Ban or unban members from chat (do not affect the rest of your site).
  • Chat template can be easily styled with CSS (any element can be hidden, resized or colored) and language file (any text can be changed).
  • Shouts Journal to manage shouts, Smileys Manager to manage smileys and Banned Journal to manage banned members.
  • Shouts archive page on front-end with search and filtering options.
  • Automatically delete shouts older, than X days.

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Key features

Different chat types

Smart Shoutbox is the only extension, which not just works as a standalone Joomla chat, but also supports IP.Board Shoutbox. IP.Board is the best and most popular forum engine. A lot of sites with Joomla use it for the needs of their community and many of them have IP.Board Shoutbox installed as well. Choose which suits you best.

Full control right from front-end

You don't need to go to administration panel each time you want to delete or edit shout or ban a pesky member. Everything can be done at front-end, right from shoutbox window. You just need to set up corresponding permissions in component options.

Customizable text parser

You control, which content to parse on shout submit: empty paragraphs, multiple breaks, links, images, etc. You can even choose, how do you want to parse image or video links — as links or as thumnails or embedded player. This feature will be expanded in future updates.

Fully configurable layout with tons of options

Smart Shoutbox has a pretty generic yet modern layout out of the box. It will fit most of today's templates, but if you don't like it or some of its parts, there's a class for each and every element out there. Using included CSS or custom CSS file of your template you can adjust literally everything according to your liking. There's not limitations at all.

Why is it better, than other similar extensions?

First of all, there're not much chat solutions for Joomla and existing ones are either too simple and ugly or overloaded with JavaScript and useless features. Smart Shoutbox is a balanced chat component with neat layout and a fairly enough scripts and features to work smoothly and almost faultlessly. We always monitoring chat and our customers' feature requests, but add only vital and really cool stuff, which will make Smart Shoutbox even better keeping it balanced. Try it for yourself and you will see, that this all is true.


Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0


You can see the component demonstration on main Shoutbox page and module in footer of any other page. Back-end can be tested on our demo site (username: demo, password: demo).



Here's what our customers say about this extension...

Reviews for Smart Shoutbox

Superb Shoutbox!

Burt, 27.07.2015, 02:48

The Smart Shoutbox extension is the best shoutbox available on the internet. Real easy integration with Joomla! Just install, adjust some settings and you are on your way. For on small issue I needed some help, support is also good and swift!

Works Great and Looks Great

Lshep, 19.07.2015, 07:00

We've been using Smart Shoutbox for awhile and love it. It's easy to manage and looks great on our frontend. Our users love it too. They like the freedom it provides and comment on how it looks so nice. We had to use support once and received an email reply within hours...on the weekend. Great component.

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This extension's functionality can be easily extended via plugins. All plugins require a valid license for Smart Shoutbox. If you do own Smart Shoutbox, please, login to buy or download the desired plugins. After that simply download the desired plugin, install it, setup and enable.

  • AutoShouter (Adds predefined shouts in chat)

Change log

2.5.4 (Upcoming release)

  • FIXED: Minor incompatibility with Kunena forum.
  • FIXED: Number of shouts per page in Archive is calculated improperly.
  • FIXED: Clear button is not working on Shouts Journal and Banned pages in admin.


  • ADDED: Button to toggle sounds on front-end.
  • ADDED: Date picker for Shout Date field on Edit Shout page.
  • ADDED: Back to Shoutbox button on Archive page.
  • CHANGED: System messages window layout now fits the Shoutbox theme.
  • FIXED: Shout date in journal not following date format from extension's settings.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • FIXED: Some issues with the library, which appeared in previous version.
  • FIXED: Empty shout text, when smileys parsing is turned off.
  • FIXED: Several issues with ascending shout ordering.
  • FIXED: Wrong background color ordering, when adding shouts.


  • ADDED: Permission settings to allow or deny to change names in chat.
  • ADDED: Option to enable or disable sounds globally.
  • ADDED: A list of URL shortening services. Select a service you like most or change, when selected one is down.
  • ADDED: CSS classes for user groups, which allows to set distinctive styles (color, font-size etc.) for each group separately.
  • FIXED: "Undefined index: s_fullname" error when addressing a users from shouts added via AJAX.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: New Major feature — Shouts Archive on front-end with search and filtering options.
  • ADDED: New option in settings to choose between username or name for registered users.
  • ADDED: Registered users can now change their name right in shoutbox window.
  • ADDED: Shoutbox stats on global page and archive.
  • ADDED: You can now set a title for each smiley as a brief description of it.
  • FIXED: Shouts formatting not properly displayed in Journal.
  • FIXED: Several small bugs, when editing shout on front-end.
  • FIXED: Truncated names added in shout... well, truncated. Now they are not!
  • Better search on back-end, which allows to search by exact phrase.
  • Greatly improved links and images parser.
  • New language strings added, some old strings changed. Update them correspondingly in your localization.
  • Minor bug fixes, code optimization and CSS tweaks. New CSS classes added, don't forget to update your template.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • ADDED: Shouts now stripped from potentially dangerous tags like SCRIPT, APPLET, EMBED, etc.
  • FIXED: Access check for admin pages in Joomla 2.5 doesn't work properly.
  • Minor bug fixes and CSS tweaks.


  • ADDED: On the main Shoutbox page shouts now can be edited in WYSIWYG editor.
  • ADDED: Permissions to restrict Shoutbox content management in back-end.
  • ADDED: New version checker on extension's back-end main page.
  • FIXED: Possible SQL errors during extension's setup.


  • ADDED: Extra checks for empty values to avoid unwanted errors.
  • ADDED: Neat "loading" image to indicate processing requests.
  • FIXED: Multiple errors, when Smart Shoutbox module and component are on the same page (why do you even put them this way?).
  • FIXED: Wrong shout time display. Now it follows personal (for registered users) or general (for guests) settings.
  • FIXED: Undefined error message, when shoutbox refresh is interrupted. At last!
  • Increased compatibility with other extensions.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks, some CSS classes changed.


  • ADDED: Extra checks for empty name or message.
  • FIXED: Incompatibility with some other extensions.
  • FIXED: Some AJAX requests returned bad data in non-standard situations.
  • FIXED: Wrong path to smileys, when added via editor.
  • FIXED: Wrong page heading display.
  • Some small bug fixes and CSS tweaks.


  • ADDED: Customizable text parser.
  • ADDED: Gravatar support.
  • ADDED: URL shortener for all links (except images and videos) in shouts.
  • ADDED: Images can be added as text links or thumbnails with lightbox.
  • ADDED: Videos can be added as text links with lightbox or embedded player.
  • ADDED: An option to turn on/off random name generator for guests (generic Guest name will be used if Off).
  • ADDED: An option to turn on/off announcement above shouts list.
  • ADDED: An option to ban/unban chat members (if permissions set) with logging.
  • ADDED: Shout likes are now available for IP.Shoutbox as well (permissions are not applicable).
  • ADDED: WYSIWYG editor for shouts in back-end.
  • FIXED: Wrong image links, when avatar was not set by user in chosen avatar source.
  • FIXED: Adding names and smileys not working properly on main Shoutbox page with editor.
  • FIXED: Empty shout can be posted from main Shoutbox page.
  • FIXED: Compatibility issues with some other extensions.
  • FIXED: Minor permission issues.
  • Some code optimization, increased security and stability.
  • New "flat" and more generic layout.


  • ADDED: Rich-text editor on main Shoutbox page.
  • ADDED: Shout from rich-text editor can be submitted on Ctrl + Enter.
  • ADDED: Allow, disallow or limit use of HTML-tags in shouts.
  • ADDED: Shouts list now scrolls to top upon new shout.
  • FIXED: Guest editing and deleting of own shouts.
  • FIXED: Incorrect paths to images, sounds etc.
  • FIXED: Incorrect parsing of links with non-Latin letters.


  • ADDED: AutoShouter plugin, which adds predefined shouts to SmartShoutbox.
  • ADDED: Links and images embedding.
  • ADDED: EasySocial avatars support.
  • ADDED: Sound and page title notification on new shouts.
  • ADDED: Protection from accidental double-clicks on buttons (Send, Refresh, Confirm etc.).
  • FIXED: Broken links to some images.
  • FIXED: Smileys not properly parsed on shout add or edit.
  • FIXED: Error 500 when not installed avatar component selected.
  • FIXED: Guests not able to like shouts from other guests.
  • Minor layout tweaks.


  • ADDED: Clickable smileys!
  • ADDED: Shout editing form can now be submitted on Ctrl + Enter.
  • ADDED: Chat announcement can now be changed right from the chat window (Joomla chat only).
  • ADDED: Like button and rating for shouts (Joomla chat only).
  • FIXED: Avatar and profile links for IP.Shoutbox now correctly displayed after refresh.
  • FIXED: Config array "Undefined" error in prepareShout() function.
  • Better shouts list and window layout.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ADDED: Shouts journal, where you can edit or remove shouts.
  • ADDED: Smileys manager, where you can quickly edit, remove or disable smileys.
  • Some small bug fixes and CSS tweaks.


  • FIXED: Guests now can set their own names or use generated ones.
  • FIXED: Minor Joomla 2.5 errors.
  • Some small bug fixes and CSS tweaks.


  • Completely new extension concept: now it's a component, not just a module.
  • Separate Chat page added. Can be used alongside with module or without it.
  • Joomla Chat support added alongside with IP.Shoutbox.
  • Shouts now can be edited and deleted, if user has permission for that.
  • Avatar type option added to select avatars from JomSocial, CB etc.
  • Flood control option added.
  • Autoprune shouts via cron added.
  • A lot of bug fixes and code optimization.


You must purchase a license to Smart Shoutbox first. If you already did, please, login to read documentation.


If you have any issues with one of our extensions, got an idea or pre-purchase questions, feel free to contact us via email given below.

Email: support@thekrotek.com

You may also use our support forum for the same purposes. Don't forget to include error messages (if any) or screenshots with them in your support request or forum post.

Please, do NOT create ANY videos for your support requests — this is the worst possible way to describe an issue. Send ONLY plain text or screenshots.

We'll be happy to help you!


Please, read the list of most popular questions below, before you ask for support. It'll save all of us some time.

I don't know, how to setup your extension! Nothing works!
This is why we, developers, usually write instructions. You'll find them at this very page.

I don't have PayPal or credit card. Can I pay you some other way?
No, we only accept payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

How can I re-download purchased extensions?
Just login with your credentials and visit Profile -> My Orders, where you'll find all your orders.

I have a custom template. Will your extension fit in it?
It might not fit, but try to help you with this. Feel free to contact us, if you have any issues or questions.

Will you help me adjust layout of your extension to my site's template?
We don't do any styling or templating, however all out extensions are highly customizable and can be adjusted to any template via CSS.

Will I have access to upgrades and support after purchase?
Every purchased extension has 180 days of absolutely free support and upgrades. Feel free to contact us, if you have any issues or questions.

Are there any better extensions than yours?

I have an idea and want to share it...
Sure, feel free to tell us, what's on your mind. However we can't guarantee you, that your idea will be accepted right away.

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