IP.Board Login 2.1.0

Extends Joomla default user authentication to allow login with IP.Board credentials. After first successful login a new Joomla user will be created and all available profile data will be taken from IP.Board. Respects all latest Joomla authentication changes.


  • Compatible with all versions of IP.Board 3.
  • Allows to login with IP.Board username, email or both.
  • Exports profile information from IP.Board to JomSocial.
  • Checks, whether user was banned on forum and blocks him in Joomla.
  • Follows Joomla account activation rules and respects all latest authentication changes.

NOTE: This is NOT a bridge and user data (password, email etc.) will be synchronized only on first login with forum credentials.


  • Completely new, more reliable and secure login and registration algorithm.
  • Simplified setup of JomSocial and IP.Board profile connections.
  • Added extra security checks.


  • New concept.



Register on our forum and then try to login with the same credentials here, in Joomla.

Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0

Price:9.95 USDConvert to USD / CAD / EUR / GBP / RUB

Frequently asked questions

Please, read the list of most popular questions below, before you ask for support. It'll save all of us some time.

I don't know, how to setup your extension! Nothing works!
This is why we, developers, usually write instructions. You'll find them at the bottom of this page.

I don't have PayPal or credit card. Can I pay you some other way?
No, we only accept payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

How can I re-download purchased extensions?
Just login with your credentials and select My Orders from Profile dropdown menu at the top.

I have a custom template. Will your extension fit it?
It can not, but we'll gladly help you with this. Just send us a tell.

Will you help me adjust layout of your to my template?
We don't do any styling or templating, however all out extensions are highly customizable and can be adjusted to any template via CSS.

Will I have access to upgrades and support after purchase?
Every purchased extension has 180 days of absolutely free support and upgrades. Feel free to contact us, if you have any issues or ideas.

Are there any better extensions than yours?

I have an idea and want to share it...
Sure, feel free to tell us, what's on your mind. However we can't guarantee you, that your idea will be accepted right away.


You may request support via email or on support forum. Please, include any error messages in your support request.


Please, read the instructions below before enabling this extension. It was tested a thousand times and we assure you, it DOES work.

Step 1: Installation and settings

Nothing complex here. Just install this plugin as usual and set up accordingly.

Updating JomSocial profile

To update new user's JomSocial profile you have to setup IP.Board - JomSocial connections first. Enable Use JomSocial in plugin settings, then select JomSocial and IP.Board fields from the lists correspondingly: Gender - Gender, Website - Website, etc.


  • Number of selected fields must be equal in both lists, otherwise no syncing will occur.
  • Fields settings must be equal on both sides or you'll end with wrong info on JomSocial profiles. For example, default gender field for IP.Board contains "m" and "f", but JomSocial has "male" and "female".

Don't forget to read hints for fields in settings — they are very helpful.

Step 2: Usage

When enabled, this plugin allows your visitors to login with their IP.Board username (or email) and password. If a visitor already has Joomla account, he will be able to use his username/password combinations from Joomla and from IP.Board equally. Plugin will just check if his IP.Board credentials valid and, if a user with the same email exists in Joomla, will allow to login. For non-existing users a new account will be created.

Step 3: Additional information

A couple things you should know:

  • There's no password syncing, but it doesn't actually matter, because user will be able to login, if either his Joomla or IP.Board password is good.
  • There's no regular syncing of user profile. JomSocial and IP.Board profiles will be synced only once, when forum member authenticates in Joomla for the first time.
  • If there's a user in your Joomla or IP.Board database, who have his username equal to email used as a login and this email is already registered, authentication will be cancelled and error message displayed.
  • Members banned on forum will not be able to login into Joomla with their credentials. Ever.

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